what is your parenting goal for your kids?

Before we started this site, I’m not sure that we could have answered that question. Like most parents, we rely on instinct rather than having any great plan or purpose- which when you think about it, seems strange, especially considering that we wouldn’t approach any other serious life undertaking in such a way.

Parenting is more art than science, however, the world that we know and understand is being replaced by one in which the rules are being written as we speak. As a result, our children face a unique set of challenges- ones that require us parents, to think differently about how we prepare them to be adults.

We believe that our children’s development is too important to leave to instinct, political whim, and to an education system struggling to keep pace with change. Instead, it’s our responsibility to mentor our kids, to help them discover their talents, to develop interests and skills so that they can realise their full potential.

what does think differently mean?

The tried and trusted way of doing the best for our kids was to provide a supportive home environment, get them into the best school we could, encourage academic achievement, and help them to make their CV look good. Whilst this ‘old way’ still has value, unfortunately, it can no longer guarantee a competitive advantage for our kids.

This is because today we are witnessing an unprecedented economic structural change- technological advancements (robotics, A.I.), changes to the way we work (outsourcing, automation) as well as huge competition from a well-educated and connected global workforce- mean that whether you see these developments as a threat or as an opportunity, our kids will require different skills and abilities in order to stand out.

This way of thinking isn’t for everybody, however, the adults that will thrive in this future will be those whose parents had the foresight to recognise this and then were willing to do something about it.

It’s not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.
-Ann Landers

help our kids to be future-ready

You’ll know from your own experience, that qualifications only take you so far in life. It’s your skills and other attributes that go a long way to determine how successful and rewarding a life you lead.

Thankfully, we are in a unique position, we can transform our homes into mini-laboratories where under our guidance, in a safe, loving environment, our kids can experiment and learn to develop these real-world skills- which we call Lifehacks.

Our research tells us that our kids will need to think creatively, to solve problems, to be cognitively agile, to be great communicators, to be resilient and learn how to overcome failure. In order to be masters of their universe, they will have to create their own path, their own jobs, not apply for them.

What better for your child, than you helping them to develop these skills? There’s one small problem, however, we don’t have the time, nor in most cases, the required expertise!

where we come in


We know that it’s a struggle to fit everything in already, let alone something different and new. We take the worry away by doing all the all the research… so you don’t have to.


We distill expert knowledge, new ideas, the best tools and thinking into easy to follow actionable insights and real life lessons that you can use to teach your kids.


None of us has all the answers, but we can learn from and support each other. The ultimate goal is to help our children to become happy, successful future adults, whilst having fun along the way.

who we are

Hi there, we are Dominic and Lindsay- that’s us and our 9-year-old (then 7) twins in the picture.  We realised that our kids weren’t being formally taught skills that they were going to need for the future that awaited them. Even worse than that, some of the required skills they were learning from us- skills that frankly, we weren’t equipped to teach.

Then we hit upon an idea, what if, instead of us passing on our limited knowledge, our good bits, bad bits and foibles in a random, haphazard way, what if we could actually teach them purposefully as if we were an expert?

Just like any other skill, lifehacks can be taught- if you know how. There is a lot of great information and research out there, it’s just that, with life being so busy, parents don’t really have the time to read up on this stuff, let alone devise ways to pass on this knowledge to our kids, so that it sticks.

We want to help you to teach your kids these skills in a fun and interesting way, so that when your little treasures close the front door for the last time and head off to make their mark in the world… you can sit back, let out a deep breath, and congratulate yourself on doing the best you could to prepare them.

That is our mission!

what other people are saying about our work

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    Talya Stone
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  • The main focus is to help you discover your own values and put your own plan into action, as opposed to telling you what to do.

    Laura Clark
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Taking the road less travelled is never easy and there's much work to be done, however, your kids will be forever grateful that you made that choice.

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