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our kids will have to compete in a networked global economy

Companies of any size can outsource by project to graduates from around the world. Our kids will face huge competition from highly-qualified people who can do the same job for less money.
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academic qualifications won’t be enough to stand out

Communication, creativity, resilience, an entrepreneurial attitude- these life skills aren’t taught in schools, so if we’re serious about giving our child every advantage then as parents, it’s our responsibility.

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we collaborate with experts to give you the tools you need

We work with experts to create books and courses that make it easy and fun to teach your kids the life skills they need to really stand out.

Preparing our children to be successful adults is more difficult now than it has ever been. They will face huge competition from a well educated and networked global talent pool.

Qualifications alone are just not going to be enough. For them to stand out, to thrive in this new world, a different skill-set will be needed, skills that our kids learn from us. The problem is, we aren’t experts, nor the best teachers.

We work with experts to create tools for you to teach your kids these vital skills, to give them an amazing platform upon which to build their lives and the head start they need for success.

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    Talya Stone
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