about us about

about us

We kind of accidentally packed in the rat race in 2014 to go travelling as a family. We were treading water/ sinking slowly in London and one day asked ourselves, “what are we actually doing this for?” and we both answered “I don’t know”, at that point we decided to do something different with our lives.

Six months later we were in Mexico at the start of our Latin American adventures and haven’t looked back. We spent 6 months in Mexico, 3 in Guatemala, 1 in Costa Rica, 14 in Argentina and 1 month in Brasil. We have had some amazing experiences and lived in some incredible places along the way. After our wandering, we decided to settle down for a bit and we now live in Valencia, Spain.

previous lives

Prior to travelling Dom was a Financial Adviser for 16 years and Lindsay worked in TV marketing.

the kids

Our twins are 9 years old now (6 when we left the UK) and they enjoyed our life on the road. We homeschooled them whilst travelling but they now go to a local school in Valencia., which they both prefer to ‘normal’ school, so we spend a lot of time together as a family unit.

One of the huge benefits to travelling was that we are a lot closer as a family, we know each other really well and are a lot more relaxed as people. It’s also been a pleasure and a privilege being able to spend so much time with the little buggers treasures as they grow and develop.


… came about when we realised that what we were teaching the kids (we follow the UK curriculum) whilst being important, was not necessarily going to be the only skill set that they would need to have a successful and happy adulthood.

As we’d witnessed in our own careers, skills and attributes such as confidence, grit and determination, being a great communicator, a positive attitude and an entrepreneurial mindset, were much more important that academic qualifications, and yet our kids don’t actually get taught these skills as subjects. They learn them as a by-product almost, or by osmosis from their parents and peers.

Like all parents, we want to give our kids the best start in life we possibly can so we thought wouldn’t it be great if we could actually teach our kids these skills, attitudes and attributes as if we were experts.

From that idea was born lifehacksforkids.

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