Since we started Lifehacksforkids, we discovered lots and lots of really great stuff out there for parents and families. So to save you time and energy, we decided to put together a page of all the best websites, activities, books and resources we’ve found. We’ve also included our think piecesĀ for you to download and read, as well as our free courses. Enjoy!

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Parent by Design

Become a better parent by understanding your values.


The Lifehack Sessions

10 activities to kick start your kids life skills.


Eyes Wide Shut?

7 skills you can teach your kids to stop them sleepwalking into their future.


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Parent By Design

Tap into the hidden resource of your values to improve your parenting skills.

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Develop Your Child's Character Strengths

Help your kids to develop the strength of character needed to thrive in the modern world.

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