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Resilience: a Boot Camp for your kids
life skills

resilience: a boot camp for your kids

A 10 week workout that will make sure that your child is ready to thrive regardless of whatever life throws their way.

Resilient kids do better in school and grow up to live happier, more successful lives… but, how do you teach ‘resilience’ to your kids?

Over 10 weeks we’ll help you to do this.

We’ll help your child to strengthen their belief in how resilient they are, develop a positive can-do attitude, learn how to be self-motivated and how to have the ‘thinking’ flexibility required to be resilient.

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Life Skills Programme
life skills

life skills programme

This is the BIG ONE! A 52 week life skills programme that will help your child grow in confidence and to reach their full potential.

Each weekly activity will help your child to gain mastery of the four most important life skills:


growth mindset

creativity/ imagination

emotional intelligence.

The complete package your child needs for a happy and successful life. Find out more…