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Today we’ve been inspired by this series of articles by Get Connect Dad, in which parents talk about the 52 traits that they would like to see in their kids.

Each week different parents write a touching and personal story about the trait that they would like to see in their children and why they feel that a particular trait is important.

why is this important?

Thinking about your kids in this way, helps you to focus on their long-term character development rather than just reacting in the moment to behaviour, as we sometimes do., we are going to use the term ‘character strength’ as opposed to

We are going to use the term ‘character strength’ as opposed to ‘trait’ for this post. A trait can infer something that is fixed, whereas we believe that character is something that develops, can be worked on, improved and is therefore, malleable.

the lifehack

Over at Lifehackforkids towers, we love practical ways that parents can use to teach kids the attitude, skills, emotional intelligence and ways of thinking that they will need to be successful adults.

As such we have designed a free, quick and easy course which will help you to:

  • be clear about the character strength that you wish to help your children develop

  • understand why it’s important so you can pass that message onto your kids

  • create ways that you can to teach this to your kids in everyday life

  • you also get access to our resource page full of expert tips and tricks to help your to develop your child’s character

So, go to Get Connect Dad, choose a character strength that you would like to help your child develop, then come back here and click on the button below to work out how.

Start to help your child to develop their character now!

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