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A 30 day transformation

Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk. 

― Carl Jung

It's all too easy to lose your parenting spark, somehow the real you gets lost in the day to day.

It's difficult to be at your best for your kids what with everything that you've got going on, and especially so if you are feeling guilty because you think that you should be doing better.

Then there's the kids... a relationship that was once a joy, is now all challenging behaviour, power struggles, and a never-ending series of consequences and threats.

your story

But whatever it is that you are telling yourself about you, your parenting ability, your kids and your relationship with them, is just a story: a series of thoughts and beliefs that you have given life to with your focus and attention.

The problem is, you are living your story as if it's true!


We all do this, live our story as if it's true.

We believe that the events in our life cause us to feel what we feel, to think what we think and to behave the way we do.

And this outside-in narrative becomes the story of our life.

But this is a complete 180 degree misunderstanding about how our experience of life works.

We think that our problems lie outside of us, and if we can solve them or make them go away, then we will feel better.

But... your child isn't the problem, their behaviour isn't the problem, your ability isn't the problem, it's your thinking about these things that's the problem.

the truth

As uncomfortable as this might be to hear, the reality is, the situation you find yourself in right now, you created it: ALL of it. 

But it's not the circumstances that need to change, it's how you use your thinking that needs to change.

And that's the best bit, accepting the truth of this means that you have the power to change: to create a different story instead.

unlike any other parenting course

The moment that you stop looking outside of yourself for something that you already have is the moment that everything changes.

Over 30 days together, we'll explore a whole new way of thinking about what it means for YOU to be a parent:

  • there's no need to learn 'new strategies' because you already have within you the strengths and innate wisdom you need to be a great parent- you just need to know how to uncover them. 
  • instead of thinking that you are lacking in some way, we'll help you to connect with your true self and parent from the peace, love and joy of that space.
  • instead of reacting to the circumstances you find yourself in, we will help you to CREATE the ones that you want.
  • instead of looking at what's wrong and how you can fix it, we'll help you to see what is already great and show you how to build from that.
  • instead of learning techniques to 'manipulate' your child's behaviour, you'll understand what they actually need so you can better support them better and they'll 'act out' less.

will you be a perfect parent afterwards?

Nope... and some days are still gonna suck.

But the difference this time is that you'll know what to do to rediscover your best self and get back on track for a much better day tomorrow.

So, we can't promise perfection but, we can promise you that you will:

  • enjoy a much happier relationship with your kids
  • no longer get bogged down in battles and power struggles
  • learn how be more in control of your emotions
  • help your child to manage their emotions better too
  • be a more positive, understanding, supportive and loving parent
  • live in a better parenting story

how the program works

The program is delivered online through our membership site, this provides a structure for you to follow and allows you to track your progress (see image below).

You will check in each day to complete a lesson, challenge, or activity (in 30 minutes or less).

A daily commitment to yourself that helps you to build and maintain a new habit of YOU: small actions taken consistently each day lead to big changes and big results.

the power of the group

You won't be doing this alone either.

You will be in a small group of 10-12 other parents on the same 30-day journey.

We've found the being part of a supportive community helps with motivation and accountability, plus it's lovely to feel part of something and to know that others care.


Each group is directly facilitated by us, we are on hand each day to help coach you through the program as well as answer any questions you might have.

  • Week 1: you will focus on getting you and your thinking right 
  • Week 2: you will focus on understanding your child and what they need from you
  • Week 3: is about creating the relationship you want between you both 
  • Week 4: is about how you will create your new story moving forward

ready to join in?

The program lasts 30 days and costs £97.

The next program starts on 1st of July 2020.


money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Purchase With Confidence...It's 100% Risk Free!

If for any reason, you don't feel that the program is for you, let us know anytime during the program and we'll refund you- no questions asked.