7 day challenge


So far you have learned:
  1. 1
    to focus your energy only on the things that you can control
  2. 2
    that decisions are your superpower
Now you are ready to complete your 7  DAY SELF-REGULATION CHALLENGE.
The 7 DAY CHALLENGE is in your workbook.

challenge +

It's the same challenge as the two previous ones however, this time we are going to add some decisions in there for some extra fun.
You'll notice on our decision image that the symbol for decisions is a D with a circle around it.
This is because we wanted to convey the message that each and every decision has space around it. You always have choices available to you.

choices over what to THINK
choices over what to SAY
choices over what to DO

living on autopilot

Most of our lives we live according to the hidden program that our unconscious mind runs. A bit like how an aeroplane runs on autopilot for most of it's journey.
Our unconscious mind makes thousands of tiny decisions each and every day.
But in order to get really good at making decisions, you have to be consciously aware of the decisions you are making.
Living in the moment- as represented by the BLUE space around the D.
Only then can you hope to consciously choose what action you take next.

becoming aware

Next week, as well as completing your SELF-REGULATION challenge, see how aware you can become around the decisions that you make each day, see if you can 'catch yourself' in the moment... and then see if you can change your decisions. 
  1. 1
    have jam on your toast instead of nutella
  2. 2
    have tea instead of coffee
  3. 3
    have weetabix instead of cornflakes
  4. 4
    wear the blue socks instead of the red socks
  5. 5
    do your homework as soon as you get in rather than after dinner (or vice versa)
  6. 6
    go to bed at 21:45 instead of 22:00
You get the idea.
There's a decision sheet included in your workbook.
See how many different decisions you can become aware of next week.

good luck

This is your 3rd CHALLENGE, so give it everything you've got!
Try your best and most importantly enjoy it.

after the challenge

Complete your challenge and then in 7 days time, come back and complete your SELF-REGULATION POWER STRENGTH SUMMARY.
See you in 7 days amigos.

challenge completed

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