Here you will find lots of ideas how to improve your parenting, have a better relationship with your child, and teach them vital life skills.

ResilienT kids

The ultimate guide. 14 ideas backed by science that will help your child to develop their resilience (sometimes without even realising it).

Contains activities, printables, checklists and a mini-course.

HOW TO end the DAY  (1)

The first part of our night-time routine will help your child to stop for a moment and to think about their day in a positive way.

This helps to build positivity, self-belief and a genuine confidence.

creative kids

Creativity is one of the ways that we can help our kids to stand out from their competition and in a world dominated by technology. 

People who can 'connect dots' will always be economically relevant.

how to praise

How to use praise to motivate your kids, develop a more positive constructive relationship, whilst helping them build their identity.

A step-by-step guide of how and what to praise.


Our morning routine will help you to send your little treasure(s) off to school feeling happy and ready to take on their day.

It will also help them to develop their emotional intelligence (EQ).


Use how emotions work (in spirals) to your advantage! Try our fun activity each morning, it will send your kids off to school feeling positive and happy.

It's a bit of fun that will put you in a good mood too!

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