lesson 2: your own superpower- decisions

your superpower

I bet you didn't realise that you had a superpower did you?
Well you do- your decisions are your superpower.
The quality of the results in your life is determined by the quality of your decisions.
As you know from lesson 1, what you decide to THINK/ SAY/ DO is completely down to you.
You decide.
Which ultimately means that you are in control of the quality of your LIFE!

the difference that makes all the difference

The difference between the individual decisions we take is often small.
"Oh, it's only ONE extra cookie."
"One extra cookie won't make that much difference, will it?"

so what is the problem?

The problem comes later... it always does.
We all know what too many cookies leads to.
But, it's not just the tight fitting clothes and the extra trips to the dentist... there are 2 even bigger problems ahead.
  1. 1
    All of a sudden you are on a different path completely. The more you take the easy route, the easier it becomes to take it again. You literally programme your brain- neurons that fire together wire together- with each decision.
  2. 2
    Lots of little wrong decisions add up to a BIG divergence from the path you would have been on had you made the 'right' decision each time. And now, because you are so far removed from the original path it takes a huge effort to get back on track. Sometimes too much effort, it's too difficult, so much so that people don't bother trying


As Jerzy Gregorek says “Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.”
See the diagram below to see what we mean.
The difference between each individual decision (easy vs difficult, right vs wrong) is small, but over time, the difference between the two paths is huge.

your life

But this isn't just a cookie we are talking about here: it's about your life.
And of course it's ok to have an extra cookie once in a while, the point of this is to help you understand that you need to be conscious of the decisions that you make.
Each and every single one.
Decisions about: how you use your time, the effort you put in, whether you give up or not, what you say and do.
Because at the end of all of those decisions is a whole life lived.
Your life.
And when you are old, grey and wrinkly, it will be too late then, to do anything about the decisions that you should or could have made.

so what is the 'right' decision?

Deep down inside... YOU KNOW.
It's the one that you know you should take... we all know that we shouldn't eat the extra cookie.
However, if you really are struggling to decide between options, ask yourself:
Which path would the BEST version of ME take?
And then the choice will become clear.

lesson complete

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