lesson 1: how creativity works

the importance of creativity

CREATIVITY is important because it helps you to solve problems, to come up with ideas that will help you to make better decisions. 
Which in turn, will help you to be more successful in achieving your goals.

good news

We are all creative.
However CREATIVITY is a bit like a muscle, you need to keep using it or it will atrophy (gradually decline or waste away due to lack of use).
The key is to keep exercising your CREATIVE muscle to keep it strong.

what is it

Perhaps one of the most creative people of modern times Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) famously said that: "CREATIVITY is just connecting things."
It is a new combination of existing things.
Which means that there is a process we can follow in order to develop our CREATIVITY.

4 step-process

The first 3 steps come from author Steven Kotler, the 4th is from James Webb Young. (See what we have done? We have combined 2 existing ways of thinking about CREATIVITY to make our own).
  1. 1
    mental risk-taking (the ability to bring new ideas to the world)
  2. 2
    pattern recognition (the ability to link ideas together)
  3. 3
    the size of the database searched by the pattern recognition system
  4. 4
    the A-HA moment
In the next lesson and in the 7 DAY CHALLENGE you will be practising all 4 steps, but for the moment here's what they mean.

1. mental risk taking

This is about you being BRAVE.
BRAVE enough to put an idea together- even if it sounds crazy.
And BRAVE enough to put that idea out there.
Without these things CREATIVITY doesn't exist.
Good job that BRAVERY is our next POWER STRENGTH then!

2. pattern recognition

The ability to link ideas together, to make connections where none previously existed.
You will be practising this skill in this chapter,

3. database size

This means you, your knowledge and your experiences are the database.
If you don't have knowledge or experiences then you can't make connections.
There's nothing to connect.
So, we've got a cool DATABASE enhancing exercise for you in the ACTIVITIES book.

4. the A-HA moment

When do most people get their best ideas?
When they aren't thinking about them.
You have to set the intention and let your unconscious brain do the rest.
This vital part of the process you will practice in the 7 DAY CHALLENGE.

lesson complete

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