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Friday Faves: 17th of March Friday Faves

this week

 2 cool websites to entertain your kids

and 1 for parents too

 Our RESILIENCE BOOTCAMP (for your kids)

2 cool websites to entertain your kids

Whilst homeschooling the twins for 2 years, we found that by making lessons fun, they learned so much more, so we are big fans of websites that are fun and yet also teach our kids stuff.

This week we came across Wonderopolis which is fab. Each day they pose an intriguing question and then explore it in a number of different ways. There are loads of great topics such as Quantum Physics, how to do a handstand, what is nanotechnology, and who was St Patrick?

Another old favourite of ours is The Kid Should See This. It has loads of amazing videos to keep your little treasures entertained (and learning) for hours. Our personal favourites are videos on how the internet works and anything nature related. With 2900+ films to choose from, your kids will have loads of fun disappearing down a video learning rabbit hole.

and 1 for parents too

Alas, this website isn’t quite as much fun as the previous two, however, it’s probably no less important. We tend to parent on autopilot, so it’s worth checking in sometimes just to see where the kids are at, and that’s where Scholastic comes in.

The link above will take you to a page where you get age-related social and emotional development guides, crafts and activity ideas, printables and even book lists and recommendations. Well worth a visit.


Ever since we first watched Angela Lee Duckworth’s Ted talk on Grit, we’ve wondered “how can we teach our kids to have more grit?”.

After much research, late nights and plenty of coffee, we have devised a programme that will allow all parents to teach their kids this fabulous attribute.

Grit can’t really be taught in the traditional sense, so we have created a 12-week course full of exercises and games that will allow your kids to experience and understand what it means to be ‘gritty’.

Each week, there is a different theme and a series of activities and exercises that will allow your kids to develop their resilience. You can decide to do the activities together as a family or your kids can do them on their own- it’s up to you.

Sign up below and we will email you with more info closer to launch date.

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That’s it for this week, we hope that you have a great weekend.

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