a short time ago

(Just last summer in fact)

in a town not so far far away...

Hi there...
It is a pleasure to (virtually) meet you my friend, welcome to my story. 
I'm just a normal kid, and like you I've got my challenges and problems, but as you are about to find out, normal kids can do pretty amazing things too.
But, I don't just want to tell you what happened, I want to take you on the exact same journey I went on, with the exact same challenges and choices. 
Will you make the same decisions as I did, I wonder?
Will you make the same mistakes?
I hope not!
But a few things I am certain of:
  • I will teach you everything that I learned last summer
  • by the end of our journey together you are going to know a lot more about who you are and what you are capable of
  • you will learn the secrets of how to live an amazing life
So, if you are ready for this, click the button below and let's get this party started.