“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot.” 
-Michael Altshuler

It probably doesn't seem that long ago now does it... the sleepless nights, the smelly nappies? 

A lot has happened since then and before you know it, your little treasure(s) will disappear through the front door for the last time, as they head off into an uncertain future.

And by then, it will be too late to do anything differently.

No second chances.

hope is not a strategy

Preparing your kids for success in school and beyond is a tricky business these days.

Most parents (and you may be one of them) tend to parent instinctively, you keep your fingers crossed and hope that your kids turn out ok.

We did this too. 

That is until we realised, if we wanted to help our kids to stand out from their competition, to be successful at whatever they wanted to do, and to live their life on their terms, we needed to think and act differently: instinct and hope just aren't going to cut it.

gardeners not mechanics

So, after much research, trial, error, and experimentation (sorry kids)... out went the old approach.

No longer were we parental mechanics, solving problems as they arose, correcting them when they did something wrong. That was exhausting, and it didn't work very well- they kept on making the same mistakes.

Instead, we became parental gardeners- most of the time!

It's longer-term, but ultimately a much more rewarding approach (for us and for them).

As gardeners our focus is on 2 things:

  • 1
    providing a home 'lab' environment- a safe place where they can experiment, practice and develop, but most importantly, make mistakes and learn from them.
  • 2
    teaching our kids the attributes and skills they are going to need to be successful, to stand out and fulfil their potential.


Imagine now, that you had somebody to help you craft this experience for you and for your child.

Someone who does all the research, saving you the time and hassle of doing it yourself.

Someone who breaks this research down into key takeaways, so you get to create the home environment that will enable your child to develop and flourish.

Someone who creates fun, engaging lessons and challenges that teach your kids the skills and attributes they need to understand their inner selves and to thrive in the modern world.

How bloomin' fantastic would that be?

Imagine how you will feel now, as they close that front door for the last time?

"I did a great job, well done."

"I did my very best!"

how do we do this?

Our kids face a more uncertain economic future than we ever did. Traditional white-collar jobs are being lost to technology, whilst more and more graduate competition is emerging from the so-called developing world. 

Unfortunately, an education is no longer the competitive advantage it once was.

Our research over the last three years has highlighted 3 key areas of character development and 9 key skills that your child will need to be successful in this modern, uncertain world. 

  • 1
    Character Strengths
  • 2
    Personality Traits
  • 3
    Multiple Intelligence
  • 4
  • 5
    Growth Mindset
  • 6
    Emotional Intelligence
  • 7
    Creativity & Creative Thinking 
  • 8
    Communication Skills
  • 9
    Problem Solving Skills
  • 10
    Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • 11
    Teamwork & Collaboration
  • 12
    Higher Order Thinking

each month for members

We produce a LIFE SKILLS REPORT around one of the aforementioned 12 themes.

Each report is based on proven ideas from the latest and best scientific research, and our objectives are to:

  • help you to sharpen your skills (being a role model is a powerful way to educate)
  • help you to create the home environment your child needs to grow and develop
  • check
    help your kids to know and understand themselves, their unique strengths and qualities 
  • check
    help your kids to learn, develop and practice the key life skills we have identified 

join us

For those who want to be gardeners, whave 2 membership options: FREE and PAID. 

FREE MEMBERS receive each month:

  • ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: a summary of what we have learned from our research on the monthly theme. This keeps you up-to-date with the latest and best information- saving you the time and hassle of doing it yourself.
  • MONTHLY ACTION PLAN: a practical step-by-step guide to help you create the home environment so your kids can develop the skills and attributes of the monthly theme.
  • check
    REFLECTION: a mini-course or tool, designed by us, so you can sharpen your theme related skills-  kids learn from what we do a lot more than from what we say.

As a PAID MEMBER, as well as the above, you will also receive each month:

  • SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND: 4 fun activity based lessons that help your child to learn about and develop each monthly life skill-  activities, puzzles, printables and games- your child learns as they play.
  • 21 DAY CHALLENGE: a printable activity workbook: there is no substitute for 'doing' , each challenge helps your child learn by making sense of 'real world' experience.
  • CONVERSATIONS: 10 fun dinner table/ car journey discussion questions that deepen learning, teach your kids creative thinking and help to develop their imagination.
  • check
    ART: a designed printable that acts as a constant visual reminder and subliminal behavioural cue for each month's theme- life skill advertising that will stick in your child's brain.

By now, you are probably wondering how much all of this costs.

You can invest in a PAID MEMBERSHIP now, for just £5 per month.

what others say about our work

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join us

"At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents." -Jane D. Hull

As a PAID MEMBER you also benefit from.

  • DISCOUNTS on our products
  • check
    private MEMBERS facebook community- advice, tips and tricks from experts and other parents
  • ACCESS to our back catalogue of Monthly Life Skill Reports

All of this... for less than the cost of a bottle of wine!

You can invest in your child's future now...

membership f.a.q.


It's for busy parents of tweens and teens that want to help their kids to develop these skills, but don't have the time or expertise to do the job as well as they would like to. It's ONE membership per household so everyone can benefit from the monthly resources.


Most of the lessons, activities and challenges can be done with little or no input from you (depending on the age of your child). Our aim is to condense vital information into small easy to read and implement advice, so we've designed everything to take up as little of your time as possible. You can choose to invest as much time as you wish, or is possible that month.


No problem! You can come back to it later when you have the time. You will have lifetime access to each and every single month that you pay for with your Membership, as well as the back catalogue, this way, you and your kids will be able to benefit when and as often as you like.


We are parents too (10-year-old twins). We realised that success in life is more than just qualifications and a good CV, and yet this is all that parents and schools seem to focus on.

So we started out by trying to teach our twins life skills in a deliberate and structured way. Our initial research told us that other parents were worried that their kids weren’t getting this type of education either, so we created Lifehacksforkids to fulfil that need. You can read more about us here.


No problem! Just send us an email and we can pause or cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked and you still get access to all of the Monthly Life Skills Reports that you have paid for. Membership is commitment-free and risk-free! There is literally no reason not to give it a try.


The world is changing, fast. When they become adults our kids will face more competition for work than we ever did. Our research tells us that these 12 skills will be vital for our kids to be able to stand out from both their human and technological competition. 

We talk about this in more detail in this article

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