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now you can teach your kids key life skills as if you were the expert

Research now shows that life skills such as resilience and growth mindset are actually much more important predictors of your child’s success and happiness than their IQ or their grades.

In a world increasingly dominated by technology, these softer skills are more important than ever and yet, our children are not being taught these skills properly!

There’s no room to teach them in our schools and unfortunately, we just don’t have the time or the expertise to do this job as well as our kids need us to.

This is why we created the Life Skills Programme.

Now, rather than leave your child’s life skill development to hope and luck, we help you to teach your kids these skills, as if you were an expert.

benefits of the programme


Fun lessons and activities based on the latest research will help your child to develop the skills and character needed to thrive.


Our lessons help kids to express their innermost thoughts and feelings resulting in a deeper connection between you and your child.


Watch your child grow in confidence as they develop the building blocks needed for a happy, successful life- in whatever they do.

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the challenge for parents

It’s difficult to know what to do for the best: Should our kids learn to code? Do they need to study Computer Science? Should they go to University?

One thing is for sure, life skills will remain relevant regardless of the answers to the above and in our information age where technology, robots and AI are driving huge change in the labour market, life skills because of their more human nature, will become more and more important.

Despite this, life skills aren’t formally taught in our schools, which means that it’s down to us parents to do the job- something we do anyway because we are the first and biggest influence on our children.

They learn life skills (consciously and unconsciously) from the things we do and say, which is worrying as we would struggle to call ourselves ‘experts’ in any life skill area.

Not only that, most of us just don’t have the time, knowledge or the expertise to teach our kids as well as we’d like to, which is where the Lifehacksforkids Life Skills Programme will help you.

challenges our children face

global economy

competition for work in a global economy where companies can hire & fire with a mouse-click


increasing number of graduates from emerging nations with lower living costs & who can work for less


traditional white-collar jobs in finance, medicine & law are disappearing to computers

a different approach

We believe that this is so important that we have to do better than just trying our best and hoping our kids will be ok, so we decided to take a different approach.

Our idea was to find the best research and ideas out there, and then use this information to teach our kids like an expert.

As an example let’s take the life skill RESILIENCE.

Perhaps the most influential person researching and writing about RESILIENCE today is Angela Duckworth (psychologist at Pennsylvania University).

So, we read her book, in fact, we devoured as many articles on resilience as we could, and once we had identified the key learning concepts we created lessons to pass on this knowledge to our kids.

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.
-Jane D. Hull

the life skills programme

We’ve taken these lessons and everything that we’ve learned and refined them into a weekly programme that you can use to teach your kids these life skills.

When we say lessons, don’t worry, we don’t mean text books or boring presentations… we learned that the hard way!

Also, you can’t learn life skills from a book , they have to be experienced in the real world by kids learning, doing, making mistakes and understanding.

Each lesson follows the same 4-stage process, so they are simple to do and easy to follow:

1. review

3 questions to cement what your child learned by practising last week’s life skill in the real-world

2. introduce

explain this week’s skill and a chance for you to bring it to life with your own personal experiences

3. lesson

a fully formed activity, game or challenge so your child can develop and practice a specific life skill

4. integrate

your child plans how to use what they’ve learned into their life + a challenge to help them

Kids learn best when they have fun, when they ‘do stuff’ and when they have a guide- someone to help them make sense of their real-life experience.

That’s where you come in.

your role

No matter how much we have on our plate, we can always find an hour in the diary, especially if it’s important enough. With this in mind, the lessons are designed to be completed in less than 1 hour.

Your kids do them on their own with some guidance and supervision from you.

And that’s the best bit: we believe that you know what’s best for your kids so the lessons are a framework that allow you to shape your child’s experience according to what you feel is important.

life skills your kids will learn

We’ve divided the key life skills into 4 themes: Attitude, Skills, Emotional & Thinking, or ASET for short.

ATTITUDE lessons will:

develop your child’s resilience so that they persist in the face of setbacks

help them to have a positive attitude and to improve their self-belief

SKILLS lessons will:

help your child to develop a growth mindset so that they value effort and see failure and criticism as an opportunity to learn

teach them how to be an excellent communicator and negotiator

EMOTIONAL lessons will:

teach your child about risk and how to deal with failure so that it doesn’t cripple them emotionally

help your child to understand their emotions, what they mean and how to manage them

help your child to develop empathy, compassion and understanding

THINKING lessons will:

help them to harness their creativity and imagination
train them how to think creatively and teach them strategies to find solutions and solve problems

As you can see (and recognise through your own life experience), these skills are vital for success and will not only help your child to do better at school, they will also serve them faithfully as an adult, regardless of whether they choose to become an Administrator or a Zoologist.

the benefits of the programme

the weekly review process is priceless- it actually gives you a valuable insight into the innermost thoughts of your child, information you probably wouldn’t get otherwise, thus helping you to be a better, more effective parent

you actually get to spend some quality time with your kids amidst the chaos of family life, time where you can connect as people and as a family

you are helping to teach them valuable skills, skills that will last them their lifetime and you get a tremendous amount of satisfaction as you watch them grow in confidence as they successfully use these skills

because you are teaching them coping strategies their behaviour improves, a lot of behavioural problems occur because kids don’t understand their emotions or are struggling to cope with life’s challenges

and finally, if you join in, you actually improve your life skills too (which is nice!)

For the first time, you actually have a way to help your child to deliberately cultivate these life skills and by regularly practising, experiencing and evaluating, you will help burn the neuron pathways that deeply internalise learning so that these skills become second nature to your child.

We think that is a fantastic legacy to leave your kids and you never know, they might even definitely will thank you for it one day!

It’s not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.
-Ann Landers

ready to rock?

Ok, that’s great news, thank you for making it this far.

You are no doubt wondering how much all this costs.

You’ll be glad to know that we aren’t ones for elaborate sales pitches or loads of free ‘bonuses’ to try and make you think you are getting a bargain.

The cost is just £4.99 per month.

That’s it… less than you would spend on ONE bottle of wine.

You can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

a reminder of what you get

1 lesson each and every week that will help to teach your child vital life skills

each lesson is fully formed and takes less than 1hr

we provide knowledge notes for parents so that can brush up on each topic and offer support

you can join in if you want, in fact we encourage it

all worksheets and printables


Can I try before I buy?

Certainly, get your first two lessons free here.

How old do my kids need to be?

Age 7 is a good age to start.

The earlier you start teaching your kids these skills the better, that way they have a chance to become second nature.

There’s no upper age limit, we’ve done a lot of the lessons with our kids as they are useful exercises for adults too!

What is my time commitment?

One hour a week, that’s it- in fact most lessons will be finished in under 1 hour.

You might find yourself talking to your kids, or parenting through the lens of ‘life skills’ throughout the week, however that doesn’t take extra time, it just involves you looking at life in a different way.

As with anything in life, the more you put in, the more you get out, so if you decide to get more involved and put more time in, you can.

What if we miss a week?

No problem, a lesson is emailed to you each week which means that the lesson will still be sitting in your inbox if you want to play catch-up.

It’s worth remembering that life skills are built over time, so a missing lesson here and there wont do too much harm.

What support is there?

We will be rolling out a Facebook group, where parents can share ideas, success stories and tips and with regular Q&A sessions.

We plan to trial an individual question service, where you can ask us for some specific advice about a particular situation you might have.

We are also at the end of an email and we we gladly offer you any help and advice that we can.

How much does this cost?

The cost is £4.99 per month for however long you choose to subscribe.

We have big plans for this subscription service and the great news is that you will only ever pay this price for your lessons and all the extra cheese and pepperoni we are planning to add.

How will I know it's working?

You will see immediately as you are doing the lessons that your child starts to gain a deeper understanding of life skills and how they fit into their lives.

You also start to see them coming home and talking about how they demonstrated a particular skill.

Over time, you will also notice increased confidence and self-esteem as your child becomes more competent.

Who are you guys anyway?

We are parents like you.

We started Lifehacksforkids whilst homeschooling our 9 year-old twins.- following the UK curriculum as we were travelling.

One day, the penny dropped for us.

Success in life is more than just qualifications and a good CV, and yet this is all that parents and schools seemed to focus on.

So we started out by trying to teach our twins life skills in a deliberate and structured way.

Our initial research told us that other parents were worried that their kids weren’t getting this type of education either, so we created Lifehacksforkids to fulfil that need.

You can read more about us here.

You can find out about our approach here.

What if my kids don't like it?

In the unlikely event that this is the case then simply cancel your direct debit.

If this is within 30 days of signing up then your first month’s direct debit will be refunded to you.

What is your refund policy?

You can cancel your direct debit at any time.

If you try us out and decide that it’s not for you within the first 30 days, we will refund your first month’s subscription, so there is zero risk on your behalf.

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