resilience pack

your resilience artwork

Subliminal messaging is powerful (just as the advertising industry), and we want to harness that power for the benefit of our kids.

You'll notice that the positive resilience messages on the art are in the 1st person singular "I believe in myself" etc... By putting a photo of your child in the middle of these sayings, at a subconscious level, your child is accepting these statements as part of their identity.

If you remember from the ICEBERG diagram, in order for behavioural change to be lasting, it needs to be accepted at the level of IDENTITY.

Identity influences, your child's values and beliefs, their thoughts and emotions, how they use their skills and capabilities, which influences behaviour and ultimately the results your child gets.

Put a passport sized photo of your child in the middle and put this somewhere where it will be seen each and every day, preferably in the morning.

We have created a print quality A4 size for you to download and print at home. If you would like this as an actual print in A4 or any other size, please get in touch using the button below.