lesson 2: find your purpose

the fuel

The fuel that powers PERSEVERANCE is PURPOSE.
In other words, the reasons why you do what you do.
Purpose has 2 parts to it:
  • 1
  • 2
    little purpose


Refers to something that is BIGGER than just you.
In order for you to be truly motivated to PERSEVERE you need a reason (or reasons) for doing something that is beyond just YOU.
In Greta Thunberg's case she is trying to save the planet.
In doing so, she will save the future for her family and friends, plants and animals, the human race.
She will benefit as well, but her reasons WHY, her reasons for doing what she is doing they are BIGGER than just her.

little purpose

Means that your actions- no matter how small- make a difference.
In other words the effort you put in means something.
As far as Greta is concerned her actions are having an effect, they are causing a huge ripple.
The ripple started off small and barely registered at first, but she still felt that her actions mattered. 

greta and perseverance

She has in fact hit the perfect storm, she has ALL 3 elements of PERSEVERANCE working in harmony.
Which is why she has managed to keep going despite a very slow start, much criticism all whilst still being at school: remarkable when you think about it.
  • PURPOSE: BIG P she's trying to save the world, her family, her friends, animals and humankind. little p her personal actions are making a difference- they mean something to the bigger cause. 
  • GOAL: she has a stated clear goal that governments act to limit global warming under the 1.5 degree Celsius limit specified in the UN's Paris climate agreement.
  • PROGRESS: she sees that more and more people are getting involved and listening, each day, week and month momentum is building.

what is your purpose?

Your purpose is not something you are born with, you have to discover it.
Some of us find out what they want to BE and DO pretty early, say a Doctor or a sportsperson, or an environmental activist.
But what if you haven't found yours yet?
Don't worry, that's the fun part, because the best way to find it is to try lots of new and different experiences.

look for clues

Remember at the beginning of this workbook we talked about the BEST YOU being your unique blend of SKILLS, PASSIONS and STRENGTHS?
Well that's exactly where you need to start looking.
Your PERSEVERANCE comes from your PURPOSE.
And your PURPOSE will be found at the sweet spot where these 3 key elements of WHO you are and WHAT you are capable of meet.

the key

As far as your purpose is concerned, the most important of the 3 to get right is your PASSION.
You can apply your SKILLS and STRENGTHS to many different things.
But if you aren't PASSIONATE about what you are doing, your PERSEVERANCE will slowly disappear, you won't have found a true PURPOSE.
And there can be more than one: you can be passionate about many things in your life, so don't feel as though you have to restrict yourself.

explore your passions

We recommend that you begin to explore what you love doing.
If you are into cockroaches or cooking that's fantastic.
Please don't be tempted to do coding just because everyone else is.
It's a BIG world out there, there is plenty of room for you and your passion(s).
And thanks to the internet, it's also a small one, so you will be able to find an audience for it too.
And don't be afraid to take a risk, you are young, that's the time to take risks.
The key is to finding your PASSION and your PURPOSE is to stay CURIOUS.

finding your purpose

We have an exercise for you in the activity workbook.
It will help you map out and hopefully make connections between:
  • your PASSIONS & your INTERESTS
  • your SKILLS
Then you can start to explore these connections and pathways.
Hopefully you will come up with some new ideas to try out.
There is an ACTIVITY for you to complete in your workbook.

lesson complete

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