lesson 2: weekly POWER review

progress report

It's good to check in once in a while to see how you are getting along.
So, each week you are going to see how you have done during the previous 6 days, with a little review process we have designed. 
The questions are designed to:
  • remind you of the progress you have made over the previous 6 days
  • help you to see where you need to improve
  • get you to mentally prepare for the week ahead

your review sheet

We fill in our weekly review sheet each Sunday, it only take a few minutes.
You'll see now why it's important to give yourself a mark out of 10 each day- looking back, you can see which POWER STRENGTH you need to work on and improve.
Here are the questions we ask ourselves each week:
  • 1
    Looking back at your week, what are you most proud of?
  • 2
    What specific action will you take to make next week even better?
  • 3
    Which POWER STRENGTH did you score lowest during the last 6 days? After looking at the IMPROVEMENT suggestions- which action have you chosen?
  • 4
    What's coming up next week? What STRENGTHS will you need to call upon?How will you use them?


If you find yourself struggling with any of the POWER STRENGTHS, below you will find some ideas as to how you can work on and develop them.
We recommend choosing the POWER STRENGTH that you scored the lowest on the week before.

ideas to improve your power strengths

  • Read that particular POWER STRENGTH chapter again.
  • Do the exercises again, practice the techniques.
  • Pay special attention to your DECISIONS during the next week- the answer to improving your POWER STRENGTH probably lies in the decisions you are making.
  • Look back at what you wrote in the WHAT WENT WELL and IMPROVEMENT boxes at the end of the day, you will usually find some answers here.
  • Write down all the little things you do that involve the particular POWER STRENGTHS, you'll be amazed at how much you probably use it without realising.
  • If you are really struggling to perform this strength to your BEST, then analyse the times in your life when you did or didn't use it.
    Can you spot any patterns or anomalies?
  • Research around the subject... can you find some new information or new techniques?
  • Ask your parents to join the PRIVATE Facebook group where we post lots of ideas and suggestions each day to help you improve your strengths.
    There's also a weekly Q&A so we can answer your questions directly.
  • Do some of the exercises in the ACTIVITY booklet to improve your POWER STRENGTHS.

lesson complete

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