7 day challenge


So far you have learned why CREATIVITY is an important POWER STRENGTH and the 4 key elements of CREATIVITY:
  1. 1
    mental risk-taking (the ability to bring new ideas to the world)
  2. 2
    pattern recognition (the ability to link ideas together)
  3. 3
    the size of the database searched by the pattern recognition system
  4. 4
    the A-HA moment
Now you are ready to complete your 7  DAY CREATIVITY CHALLENGE.
The 7 DAY CHALLENGE is in your workbook.

how the challenge works

This challenge is slightly different to the last 3 although you are still going to:
  1. 1
    start each day by remembering that it is a brand new day
  2. 2
    write something about your CREATIVITY you are grateful for and why
  3. 3
    maintain an upward spiral of positive emotion
These are the fundamental building blocks to a good start to the day.

the creative difference

This time however you are going to make your brain sweat a little by writing down 10 ideas each day: this is a process called brainstorming.
As we explain in the challenge the idea is just to come up with ideas... it doesn't matter how silly they might sound.
The other key thing is when you can't think of any more... STOP, and go and do something else.  
Then see how many ideas your subconscious mind can come up with during the day.

good luck

This is your 4th CHALLENGE, so give it everything you've got!
Try your best and of course, enjoy it.

after the challenge

Complete your challenge and then in 7 days time, come back and complete your CREATIVITY POWER STRENGTH SUMMARY.
See you in 7 days and good luck.

challenge completed

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