life skill reports

Each month we take the latest and best research and turn it into actionable resources you can use to teach your kids key life skills.

life skills report 1: resilience

Why is it that some people succeed while others fail?

According to research* how RESILIENT your child is will be the most significant predictor of how successful and happy they will be in life. 

And, you'll no doubt recognise from your own life just how important RESILIENCE is. The question is: How can you teach your child to be (more) RESILIENT?

*Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverence by Angela Duckworth

life skills report 2: emotions

The quality of your life is dictated by the quality of your emotional experience. And yet, most of us are under the impression that we are at the mercy of our emotions.

However, the latest neuroscientific research tells us that we are more in control of our emotions than we might think.

In this report, we'll help your child learn how to be the architect of their own emotional experience and to be more POSITIVE.

life skills report 3: character strengths

How can you expect your child to succeed if they don't know who they are or, what they are capable of.

Using the science behind CHARACTER STRENGTHS we will help you transform into a more positive parent, whilst at the same time, showing you how to help your child discover what truly makes them tick. 

As a parent, what greater gift could you give to your child?

life skills report 4: intelligence

How many intelligence's can you name? IQ, EQ and Social Intelligence was about our limit before we started to research this however, it turns out there are 8/9 different intelligence's. 

Why is this important?

Being smart is more than getting good grades, we'll help your child to harness their true potential by understanding how they ARE smart.

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