something for the weekend: EMOTIONS

4 activities that will help your kids to develop their EQ

(and keep them off the PS4 / YouTube for half an hour)

activity 1: emotional precision

Being PRECISE with how you feel is actually incredibly important, it helps to provide your brain with the resources it needs to provide the right emotion at the right time.

Help your child to develop their future emotional intelligence, by learning how to be PRECISE about how they feel TODAY.

activity 2:  nervous vs excited

If you were about to run an Olympic race for a gold medal, how would you feel? If you are anything like us, it would probably be somewhere between nervous and terrified! 

In this activity your child will learn the trick that top athletes use to perform when the pressure is on... they don't feel nervous, they feel excited instead!

activity 3: start the day the right way

How you start the day is incredibly important as it sets the tone for what comes next. Had a grumpy morning... well the rest of the day probably won't be great either.

In this exercise your child will learn to start their day the right way and create an 'upward spiral' of positive emotion.

activity 4. because you're worth it

Lot's of parents see self-esteem as an important quality for their child to posses. However, self-compassion is actually a much more genuine, valuable and useful attribute to have.

In this activity your child will learn this vital attribute.


Did you and your child enjoy these activities?

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