emotions: conversations

10 conversation starters for the dinner table, the walk to school, or that boring car journey.

Fun questions to promote the key life skills of creativity, imagination and higher order thinking.

1. why?

Why do we even have emotions?

What purpose do you think that they serve?

2. animals

Do animals have emotions?

How do you know?

3. my favourite

What is your favourite emotion?

 What made you choose that particular emotion?

4. my least favourite

What is your least favourite emotion?

Why did you choose that one?

5. life without emotions

What would life be like if we didn't have emotions?

6. agree or disagree

You need to experience bad emotions in order to fully appreciate the good ones.

Explain your answer.

7. 1+1= new

If you could combine 2 emotions into 1, what would they be and what would you call it (the new emotion)?

Invent a new word that sums up your new emotion.

e.g. happy + fear = felappery

8. remember

Can you remember how many different emotions you felt today?

9. my 1 emotion

If you could choose 1 emotion for people to associate with you- what would it be and why?

E.G. there goes Jane, she's ALWAYS... (emotion)

What about an emotion that people would always feel when they spent time with you, and why?

10. positive or negative

Do you think humans are wired to be positive or negative? 

Explain your answer.