monthly life skills report: character strengths

If your child doesn't know who they are or what they are capable of, how can you expect them to do well in school and beyond?

In this report, we'll help you to bring the best out of your child using their character strengths.

You start off with the best of intentions and then before you know it, you've turned into Mr or Mrs Grumpy.  

Wouldn't you like to have a more positive and constructive relationship with your child instead?  One where rather than correcting their every mistake, you focus on helping them to grow and develop their STRENGTHS instead.

In this month's Report we delve into the scientifically backed field of Positive Psychology and CHARACTER STRENGTHS and we show you how to move from where you are right now, to having a better relationship with your child based on developing their STRENGTHS.


You know when you do something well and it just feels effortless, the chances are you are probably using your SIGNATURE CHARACTER STRENGTHS. These are the 5-7 strengths that make up the essence of who you are. 

Research shows that if you focus on and develop your strengths you lead a happier, more productive and longer life. It's also a more fulfilling way of parenting your kids. You get to help them to discover who they really are and to become the best version of them they can be, something they will no doubt thank you for!

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The STRENGTH SWITCH: all you need to know

We've based this Report on the fantastic book by Dr. Lea Waters The Strength Switch. The 'switch' in question involves moving from parenting by critique to parenting through appreciation of strengths.

It takes a bit of getting used to but it's definitely worth the effort.  The atmosphere in our family has improved, we feel better as parents, and the kids are more positive and happier too!  

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your monthly action plan

We've taken some of the key ideas from the Strength Switch book and along with other research we've produced a 10 step action plan that will help you to introduce CHARACTER STRENGTHS into your family life.

We would heartily recommend that you get involved as well (it's not just for kids), it was a real eye-opener for us and has enabled us to make a few changes in our own lives.

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10 conversation starters that will help your child to develop their CHARACTER STRENGTHS, boost their imagination, creativity and higher thinking.

The dinner table and those long, boring car journeys will never be the same again.

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Maybe you'd like your child to be a bit braver, or more kind, or maybe their creativity needs a boost.

We've develop a tool that will help you to think this through and come up with a plan to help you to help your child any of the 24 VIA CHARACTER STRENGTHS.

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21 day challenge: character Strengths

For the next 24 days your child will get to explore each of the VIA's 24 CHARACTER STRENGTHS. Through a combination of reflection, challenges and imagination your child will begin to see themselves through the positive lens of their STRENGTHS. 
Watch them become more confident in who they are and what they are capable of.

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something for the weekend

Your child will explore their signature CHARACTER STRENGTHS and brainstorm ways that they can use them in daily life.

They will also learn how to develop their lesser strengths and learn how expressing gratitude for their strengths can actually make them feel happier.


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Each month we take the latest and best research and turn it into actionable resources you can use to teach your kids key life skills.

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Each month we create a piece of art relating to the theme, which serves as a reminder of the work that you and your child have done.

Also we like to gain every little margin possible, the artwork also functions as a psychological primer which this month, helps your child to keep CHARACTER STRENGTHS  in mind.

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