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Now that you know your CHARACTER STRENGTHS how do you GROW and IMPROVE them? In this activity you will learn a process that you can use to develop any of your STRENGTHS.


purpose of this activity

This activity will help you to think about how you can improve ONE of your CHARACTER STRENGTHS.

Once you learn this process you will be able to apply it to any of your STRENGTHS.

The great news is that your STRENGTHS can be developed and made stronger and this activity will help you to do that.

choose a strength and use the tool

Do you have a STRENGTH in mind that you wish to work with?

You can choose one of your SIGNATURE, MIDDLE, or LOWER STRENGTHS- it is entirely your choice.

This process will help you to develop any STRENGTH.


The tool will help you to think about the different ways that you can use your STRENGTHS, if you need some inspiration then click here and check out the excellent STRENGTHS section on the VIA website. 

Click on a STRENGTH and you will be taken to a cool fact sheet page which tells you all about the strength and gives you some tips on how to develop it.

your 7 day challenge

That's it, well done!

Why not practice this STRENGTH in different ways for the next 7 days?

Have fun noticing when you use your STRENGTHS.