something for the weekend 3:4

be thankful for your CHARACTER STRENGTHS

Research has shown that if you show gratitude for your CHARACTER STRENGTHS you are happier and you use them more- which is nice.


purpose of this activity

In a scientific study(1)  done in 2005, people who expressed their gratitude for their CHARACTER STRENGTHS for just ONE week were found to increase their happiness for up to 6 months.

So, we have developed a variation on that experiment and our aim is to help you to feel happier as well as increase your knowledge and desire to use your SIGNATURE CHARACTER STRENGTHS.

(1) Seligman et al 2005

remember your signature strengths?

The top 5-7 strengths on your report are your SIGNATURE STRENGTHS.

These are the STRENGTHS that are the most important to you.

They are the key to who YOU are, these are you at your BEST.

When you use these STRENGTHS, you will feel energised and whatever you are doing will feel natural and easy.

your 7 day challenge

Once a day for the next 7 days you are going to take one of your top 7 CHARACTER STRENGTHS and write down why you are grateful for it.