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our approach

We believe that helping your kids to develop life skills such as resilience, growth mindset, emotional intelligence, creativity and imagination is one of the most important jobs that we have as parents.

Below we explain the approach we have developed over the last 3 years. This is what works for our family, hopefully it will serve as a useful framework for yours, each family and each child is different, so please feel free to adapt it as you see fit.

positive involvement of parents & caregivers

Without doubt the most important feature of our approach, the more effort you put in, the more your child will benefit: simple. Some tips:

 keep the momentum going try and make sure that your child completes a lesson each week.

join in with the lessons too, not only do you improve your skills, it actually gives you an opportunity to work, explore and experience together. This is amazing quality time.

share your experiences (good and bad), this will help you bring life skills to life (for want of a better word) and is a massive opportunity for your kid to learn from you.

keeping an eye (or ear) out for when they behave in a new way, this is the time for praise tell them ‘well done’ and how proud you are of them.

focus on what really matters

By lifehack we don’t mean shortcut, we mean focusing on the things that really matter and working hard to help our kids to develop them.


growth mindset

emotional intelligence


We call these the 4 life skill superpowers and mastery of these will equip your child with the attributes they will need to be successful in whichever field they choose.

competence = confidence

Confidence is an extremely important quality for our kids to possess and it stems stems from a belief in your own competence and ability.

Our programme helps your kids to build their competence and also keep track of their own progression, which in turn helps to develop their confidence.

practice makes perfect

Cultivating competence and mastery in anything takes time, commitment and patience, life skills are no different.

This is not something to be taken lightly.

It’s best to carve out a specific time each week and don’t miss it- just like with any other practice your kids have. That way learning and experiencing life skills is at the forefront of family life and you are there to help guide your kids along the way.

practice makes perfect

emotional development

We use our life skill lessons as a way to connect with our kids on an emotional level. By asking them how they feel about the skill they are learning about and how they did during the week, you get to understand how your child’s innermost thoughts and feelings. This helps you to:

create a stronger bond between you and your child

parent ‘better’ as you actually know what’s going on inside your child’s mind

develop (with your child) their emotional intelligence- a greater understanding of their emotions, what they mean, and how to manage them better

the progress principle

Studies show that by making a note of the things you achieve actually makes you feel and perform better. We harness this principle in 3 ways:

the lessons often ask your child to notice the things they do right when it comes to life skills- we want them to build a positive memory bank. Writing these down is important as it makes a thought conscious and real.

the weekly review is a very important part of the process- it helps your child to recognise what they did well, but also to recognise what didn’t go well and how they can improve.

parental recognition: it’s important for you to try and spot your child displaying the new behaviour. Letting them know you’ve noticed, encouraging and praising them is one way that you can help them feel like they are making progress.

teachable moments

You will find that almost any situation you can think of becomes a learning opportunity and this becomes the lens through which you look at life.

The great thing is that this allows you to help your child develop each and every day in a way that you see fit and according to your values.

Want to help your kids learn the skills they need to thrive?

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