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Build a CLOSER RELATIONSHIP with your child. 

Help them develop the SKILLS and RESOURCES needed for SUCCESS.

welcome to you

Hello, I'm Dominic the Co-founder of Lifehacksforkids and thank you for taking this challenge.

Over the next 7 days you will learn the exact same daily and weekly routine we use in our home. 

It helps us to focus on what's important, build a closer relationship with our kids, and make sure that they are developing the skills they need to thrive in the classroom and their life beyond.

If you have any questions please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Take care, good luck, and I hope that you (and your kids) enjoy the challenge.

some tips

  • If you would prefer to do the challenge as a workbook rather than as online modules, download the workbook here.
  • We recommend getting a notebook each for you and your child. We use an A4 size for our kids (so we can stick stuff in it) and a smaller one for our notes. The notebooks are a nice way to keep track of your progress and as you will see on day 7, it will serve as a lovely memento for your kids.
  • To save time you can download all of your printables for the week here. (includes 7 daily planners)
  • You can check out the FULL 21 day programme at any time here.
  • Join our facebook group for more tips, tricks and ideas here.

your 7 day challenge

week 1


This week you will lay the foundations that will transform how you parent and help your child develop resources to flourish.

day 1

plan your day

The foundation of the programme- organise your life and keep on top of parenting and kid's resource development.

day 2


Discover this hidden resource that will help you to parent your child according to what is most important to you.

day 3


Help your child discover who they truly are. A wonderful gift and a great way to become a positive parent.

day 4

praise Strengths

One of the key elements of how we parent. It makes us & the kids feel good & helps them to build a positive identity.

day 5

start the day 1

How you start the day is very important. Help your kids to develop their emotional intelligence & feel good.

day 6

End the day 1

We help our kids frame each day in a positive way and send them off sleep thinking nice thoughts about their day.

day 7

review  the week

Here's how we bring each week together, deepen our relationship, and help our kids to feel great.

parent by design: full programme

If you have enjoyed this challenge why not finish the job?

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