parent by design: programme

Transform your parenting.

Build a better relationship with your child.

Prepare your child for success in school and for life beyond. 


day 1

Plan your day

Here we show you how we organise our life and make sure we keep on top of parenting and our kid's development.

day 2

your values

Discover this hidden resource that will help you to parent your child according to what is most important to you.

day 3


Help your child discover who they truly are. A wonderful gift and a great way to become a positive parent.

day 4

praise Strengths

One of the key elements of how we parent. It makes us & the kids feel good & helps them to build a positive identity.

day 5

start the day 1

Start the day in a positive way and help your kids to develop their emotional intelligence.

day 6

Last thing at night 

We send our kids off to sleep thinking nice thoughts about how they have had a positive day.

day 7

review  the week

Here's how we bring each week together, deepen our relationship, and help our kids to feel great.

week 2


day 8


One question that will help you to discover what being a parent really means to you.

day 9

ConnecTing things

Creativity is one of the skills our kids will need to compete, here's how we build it into our day.

day 10


Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) will help your child stand out from their competition. 

day 11

Start the day 2

Send your child off to school each morning feeling positive, happy and ready to take on their day.

day 12

Read it and sleep

Our evening routine helps kids to boost their imagination, use HOTS and allow their brain to rid itself of toxins.

day 13

do you know best?

It's not often someone plays devil's advocate with our parenting thoughts and beliefs- a challenging exercise.

day 14

review  the week

Using character strengths in our weekly review and a cool activity for you and your kids.

week 3


day 15


One final question that will help you to discover what being a parent really means to you.

day 16

GRowth mindset

Help your child develop the mindset that will help them to bounce back from failure.

day 17

anger = fear

Use your anger to uncover your greatest fears and be a better parent

day 18

how to fail

Failing is the starting point for success. How to help your kids love failing to gain an edge on their competition.

day 19


Criticism is a useful tool, but you need to be careful, it can also be damaging if you are not careful.

day 20


Self-compassion is more important than self-confidence or self-esteem. Here's why and how to teach it.

day 21

Final review

Review how your week, went build character strengths and an evaluation of you... by your child!!!