You can become a better parent by understanding your values.

(Learn how to turn this untapped resource into your secret weapon).

Discover your most important values and use them to improve your parenting.


Do you find yourself making the same mistakes with your kids over and over again? Having a deeper understanding of your values will allow you to demystify your behaviour so you can let go of your old, unwanted behaviour patterns.


We won't tell you what to do, or give you some 'new' techniques. Instead, we help you to make sense of that which you instinctively know to be true and show you how to use this knowledge to plan how to become the best parent you can be.


Your values are an untapped resource you can use as a behavioural blueprint to fall back on when the going gets tough. You will now be able to focus your energy on the things that matter and be able to let go of the things that don't.


We help you to clarify what is right for you and your family, no longer will you question yourself, or your abilities. Parenting from the inside-out means that you are able to determine the appropriate course of action at any given time.

Here is what you get from our course:

8 Modules that help you get to the heart of what makes you tick as a parent
Where are you today? How do your values work?

Modules 1 & 2: 45m

Assess where you are today and then discover why values are the driver behind everything that you do & how they can help you be a better parent.

What is important for you to DO as a parent?

Module 4: 45m

How do you want to behave with your children? What is important that you do with them? Plan how to build these key activities into your life.

Review and Improve

Modules 5 & 7: 15m each 

We show you how to review each new behaviour that you implement, how to improve the results you get and how to make adjustments so that each new behaviour sticks.

Discover what truly makes you tick as a parent.

Module 3: 45m

Our tried and tested questions will help you to get to the heart of the matter- know what you value most and which areas you wish to work on.

What is important for you to BE as a parent?

Module 6: 45m

The parent that you want to be. Plan how to live by these values each day- become the parent you know you are capable of being.

Plan for the future

Module 8: 30m

This course is designed to be your long-term companion, to help you to continually improve your parenting ability and skills, something you can revisit time and time again.

About Lifehacksforkids

We quit the rat-race in 2014 to travel around Latin America as a family. In our past lives, Lindsay was a TV Marketing Professional and Dominic was a Financial Planner in the City of London. Whilst homeschooling the kids we noticed that life skills weren't on the curriculum, skills that experience taught us, are vital to being a successful adult. So we decided to do something about it and Lifehacksforkids was born. 

Because our kids pick up a lot of these skills from us, it's important to get ourselves 'right' before we can start to teach our kids. So we created this course to help parents do just that. We believe that parenting is uniquely personal and that each of us knows what is best for our kids, the problem is, we do it by instinct, we've never really thought about how to get the best out of ourselves.

Dominic encountered exactly the same problem with his work, taking the traditional approach adopted by most Financial Planners, he found that the results his clients got were inconsistent. After 17 years of research and a lot of trial and error, he found that the best results came by talking to clients about their VALUES. This enabled them to work out what was REALLY important and once this was understood, planning was much easier and clients were highly motivated to achieve their true goals. 

Values are such a universal concept, they determine every single one of the decisions that you make, for this reason, this course adopts a similar approach to that taken by Dominic with his clients, it will guide you towards your answers, your truth, towards being the best parent you can be, according to what's important to you.

What You Will Get From This Course

It's easy to get lost in the day-to-day, so over 8 Modules you will re-connect with your deepest values and learn how to put together a plan that helps you to live and parent in accordance with them. 

We know you are busy so the modules are succinct, to the point and designed so you can extract maximum value. You can start straight away and use the course as often as you like in the future.

Follow our suggested schedule, or do the modules in your own time- it's your choice. As soon as you have completed a module, your answers will be emailed to you for your future use and reference.

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

The course was enjoyable and easy to follow. 

“I didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to follow. It was a real eye-opener and I now understand why I behave in certain ways and also how to make changes."

R Campbell (Mum)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

The course allows you to define your own values.

“I liked those sections because they do share information/lessons/teaching but they mostly allow the test taker to define their values and consider how they're living compared to those"

N. Pavlidis (
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

It made me think about how I parent in a whole new light.

“I am amazed at how much of a difference this course has made to my family life."

Anonymous (User)

Is This Course Right for You?


  • Parents willing to look deep inside and find out what makes them tick
  • Parents prepared to see profound changes in their family dynamic
  • Parents who want to feel more in control day to day
  • Parents who want to develop their relationship with their kids


  • Parents looking for a 'quick-fix' solution
  • Parents looking to get their kids to 'do what they say'
  • Parents who don't think that they can change their mindset
  • Parents who aren't willing to put in a little effort to improve their skills
Learn how to Become a better Parent using your Values in just 4 weeks.

Take this online course risk-free for 30 days and if you do not improve just ONE single aspect of how you parent, we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

What else do you get?

Sign up to our course and you will also receive the following:

Access to a private Facebook Group

You will be able to engage with the creators of the course as well as other parents. You can participate as much, or as little as you like. It's a safe place to share your experiences, find encouragement, or just get some great ideas to improve your parenting experience.


Experts Resource page

If you are in need of some inspiration, we have put together a comprehensive resources page full of ideas to help you develop your parenting skills and abilities. In our exhaustive research for this course, we have come across amazing ideas from parenting experts, as well as ideas that have proven to be successful in other areas. We bring them all to you here so you can pick the right one(s) for you and your family.

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