parent by design:

day 3: character strengths

If your child doesn't know who they are or what they are capable of, how can you expect them to do well in school and beyond?

what are character strengths?

We are big fans of the VIA Institute's 24 Character Strengths, they are one of the key elements of our parenting approach. 

Research shows that people who know and use their character strengths are happier, healthier, less stressed, have better relationships, are more confident, and feel more fulfilled.

Each of us possesses these 24 strengths and we use them all to greater or lesser degrees. We like to think of them as resources you have at your disposal, ready to be drawn upon and used when you wish, or when needed.

why do we use character strengths?

Character strengths are the building blocks of identity, it is your child's unique blend of these strengths that helps to make them who they are. 

When you using character strengths with your kids you will find a number of benefits:

  • They help you to parent in a positive way, so instead of criticising and correcting your kids mistakes, you now look at them and how they live their lives through the lens of their character strengths.
  • By helping your child to know their CHARACTER STRENGTHS you help them to understand who they really are and you supply them with the framework and the tools to be able to improve.
  • By helping your child understand themselves, you get to understand them better too. This is the foundation of a much more positive and deeper relationship with your child.

what are your child's strengths?

You'll find out one of the ways we use character strengths tomorrow, but before you can work with your child on their strengths you need to know what they are. 

We also highly recommend that you take the survey too, not only will you gain valuable insight into your own strengths, it will make it easier to discuss strengths with your kids using your own experiences.

It's a good idea to print out your strengths reports and stick them up somewhere they can be seen, this makes it easier to keep them front of mind moving forward.

parent by design

Character strengths are a key element in our parent by design programme.

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