parent by design:

When was the last time you gave your parenting skills a checkup?

Take your FREE evaluation to find out:

  • how you can be a more confident and consistent parent
  • how to have a better relationship with your child through better understanding
  • if you are equipping your child with the skills they need to become successful adults (hint: it's more than just grades)

Your kids will definitely might even thank you for it!

parent by design is based on 3 powerful pillars

1. you first

Most of us parent by instinct, and as a result, we end up being an inconsistent parent who never really feels in control, or sure we are doing the 'right thing'.

What do flight attendants always tell you during the safety presentation?

Make sure that you put YOUR oxygen mask on before you put masks on your kids: YOU FIRST.

The first thing we'll help you to do is work out what is important to you about being a parent (and why).

From this information we'll help you put together a plan which will help you to become the parent you always wanted to be.

2.  understand your child

As parents, we tend to think and act in terms of solving problems. My child won't talk/ listen to me or, is getting bad grades or, is hanging out with the wrong crowd or, is lacking motivation... what do I do? 

We believe that a better strategy is to think like a gardener instead, nurturing our children, giving them the correct nourishment that helps them to grow. 

Imagine now, working together with your child to help them to: 

  • discover their character strengths and how to use them to get the best from their life
  • understand their weaknesses and learn strategies to overcome them
  • recognise their unique personal qualites and how these can influence their actions and results 
  • check
    maximise their potential so they can grow up to be the person you know they are capable of being

Firstly, how would that change your relationship with them?

And secondly, because you are equipping them with self-knowledge and understanding, imagine what sort of impact that is going to have on their life?

3.  prepare your child for success

The world no longer cares what your child knows, it cares about what they do with what they know. (Tony Wagner) 

Unfortunately this is true, education is no longer the competitive advantage it once was.

In order for our kids to thrive in a world dominated by technology, AI and algorithms, where their competition is well- educated, global and can be accessed with the click of a mouse, they are going to need more than just grades to stand out. So, the questions you should be asking are:

  • Do you know which skills your kids need?  
  • What's your current plan to teach them?
  • Do you have the expertise or time to teach your kids as well as they need you to?

Our mission is to help you do this. We do all the research and create fun, engaging lessons... so that you don't have to. 

what next?

You have a choice: carry on as before, keep your fingers crossed and hope that your kids turn out fine. 

Or... you can take the road less travelled and do something different.

Take a positive decision today now, to improve how you parent, to get to know who your child really is (and help them to know their true selves), and make sure that they are fully equipped with the skills they need to be primed for success.

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