HOW you create your (parenting) REALITY

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." ― Max Planck

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Thank you for being here.
Understanding how I create my own life experience has had a profound effect on me.
I now see how my story has held me back from living life to my fullest potential and from being the kind of parent I always knew I could be. 
I finally understand how I've been creating all of my problems, now they no longer exist as problems, or I have found ways to resolve them that I just couldn't see before.
In this workshop I will share with you 5 key ideas that will change the way that you see the world, and that is the first step towards you creating the life you want and being the parent you want.
I can't wait to share this knowledge with you.


I highly recommend this life changing course.

Be prepared. 




Earth Shattering. This should be taught to everybody for living their life, not just for parenting.




Price: FREE
Duration: 1 hour 
Date:  Thursday 17th of June 
Time: 8 PM London 12 PM PDT - 3 PM EDT - 9 PM Johannesburg

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A new way of seeing things takes a bit of getting used to, so I have created a FREE Facebook group to help and support you to implement these ideas.

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