parent by design:

day 6: last thing at night

The first part of our night-time routine helps your child frame their day in a positive way.


How your child starts the day is important, how they end it is important too.

We live so much of our lives on autopilot, never really stopping to appreciating the things that we do and when we do, we rarely give ourselves much in the way of credit.

This little exercise helps our kids to stop, recognise and appreciate those moments, as well as helping them to frame each day as a positive experience.

And if you do this consistently, guess what happens?

Your kids start to see life more positively and they become more positive too.

one question

We like to keep things simple so we just ask one question.

We vary the subject each evening and we sometimes throw a Higher Order Thinking Skill (day 10) question in there too for some extra cheese and pepperoni on top!

Download your pdf below and start helping your kids to frame their day in a positive way.

remember to praise using character strengths

The first of the 31 questions asks your child to tell you one thing that they are grateful for about themselves and why they are grateful for this.

You could use what they say (if it is strength related) and praise them for this.

Or, you could praise them for their BRAVERY for being open with you, or their HONESTY for telling you something personal, or praise them for their GRATITUDE (being thankful and aware of the good things that happen).