parent by design:

day 2: the daily planner

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."
- Warren Buffet

how the planner works

The planner we have created helps us to organise our day, keep on top of our parenting skills and make sure that our kids develop the skills and resources they need.

The planer is split in two: the left side is a traditional planner that helps us to organise and manage each day, and the right side is where we keep track of our parenting and child's development.

We will deal with everything you see on the planner in the PARENT BY DESIGN programme.

the traditional planner (the left side)

Most of this will be familiar territory.

  • MUST DO TODAY: make note of the 5 most important tasks of your day, check them off when they are completed.
  • TO DO OTHER: write down your tasks of lesser importance here. 
  • APPOINTMENTS: makes sure that you don't miss any meetings or appointments you have.
  • MEALS: making a note of what you and the family will eat saves you time and most importantly, mental energy.
  • TO GET: space for you to write down any things that you need to get or to buy 
  • NOTES: a section for you to jot down anything that comes up, or thoughts you might have. 

the parent by design planner (the right side)

The parent by design side is part planner and part journal, we explain the various sections below.

  • VALUE TO FOCUS ON: write down your number one VALUE to work on from the day 1 exercise- keep it front of mind.
  • VALUE ACTION TO TAKE: note down the specific activity from the plan of action you devised on day 1.
  • OUT OF 10: grade how you did today with regards to implementing your VALUES plan of action.
  • GRATEFUL FOR & WHY: gratitude helps you to feel positive and happy- which is a lovely way to start your day.
  • QUESTION:  remind yourself which question you are going to ask your kids tonight (day 10 of the parent by design programme). 
  • CHARACTER STRENGTH: which CHARACTER STRENGTH do you wish to help your child to develop (day 3 of parent by design).
  • BUILD RESOURCES: make sure that you help your child to develop the skills they need (dealt with later in the programme).
  • DID WELL: write down at least one thing you did well today- this will help to build your confidence, belief and esteem. 
  • TO IMPROVE: is there any area you can improve? This helps you to remain positive and develop a growth mindset.

download your planner

Time to plan your day!

Below you can download our version or there is a link to edit ours and create your own- you'll need to set up a free Canva account. 

Good luck and any questions, please get in touch: 


  • We like to write out our planner first thing in the morning- before the madness starts.
  • It's always good to look over both VALUES sections several times each day to remind yourself of what's important.
  • We try, but we don't always complete each activity in the BUILD RESOURCES section, some days you just can't... but, we stay positive because tomorrow is another day.
  • It's really important to complete the ONE THING I DID WELL and the IMPROVE TOMORROW sections. These really help to build confidence, and help you to recognise that you are making progress each day. This in turn, dramatically improves your attitude and motivation: both critical elements of success!

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