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Kids often just aren't equipped to deal with some of the stuff that life throws at them, which is why at Lifehacksforkids our approach is centred around helping them to develop the resources they need to be their best selves.

The Lifehacksforkids team- 12-year-old guinea pigs included.

We believe that if you can help your child to know who they really are, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to learn the skills, attitudes and behaviours of resilience, they can develop into someone who has the confidence to be themselves in this world.

With that in mind we have developed 2 resources for you that are designed to work together:


Your guide to help you provide the right environmental conditions at home that will help your child to develop their capacity for RESILIENCE.


A complete RESILIENCE building program. Designed to help your child to develop the key attributes of a resilient person, the nutrients they need to fully blossom.

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Ask us questions about RESILIENCE, get hints and tips, relating to our THE BEST ME program.

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