Made with lots of research, lots of love,

and no small amount of experimentation on our kids (sorry kids). 

for kids


age 9+

Take the guesswork out of raising a confident, resilient, happy child. This evidence based program will help your child to develop the skills and qualities they need to be successful at whatever they choose to be and do.

31 life skill activities  

age 9+

A mixture of online and printable activities and challenges that will teach your kids life skills such as resilience, a growth mindset, emotional intelligence, decision making, creativity and much more...

for adults

Parent: by design

for parents/ caregivers

A 30 day program that will totally transform the way that you parent. Become a more positive, understanding, supportive, and loving parent, whilst changing how you think about the way that life works.


for parents / caregivers

As a solution focused coach I love nothing more than helping fellow parents resolve any problems or challenges they face. Whether it's an aspect of parenting or helping your kids to fulfil their potential- I can help.

21 day challenges


age 9+

The challenge will help your child to work on all aspects of their resilience and their belief and confidence in their resilience will grow.


age 9+

This challenge will help your child to understand and develop their emotional intelligence with a particular emphasis on POSITIVITY.

character strengths

age 7+

Your child will explore each of their 24 STRENGTHS through a combination of reflection, daily practice and gratitude.

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