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We'll help you teach your kids the skills they need to thrive in our modern world.

As you will know from your own life experience, qualifications are only part of the story, and with the fast pace of change afoot, your child is going to need a different set of skills than just decent grades to thrive.

Each of our products transforms the latest and best scientific research into practical tools (for you) and activities (for your kids) that will help them learn the skills they need to stand out from their competition.

Invest in your child's future now to make sure that they do not get left behind!


If you are serious about giving your child a head start then our MEMBERSHIP programme is for you.

At just £5 per month you will get everything you need  to help your child to develop their KEY life skills.

(free version available too) 

INDividual life skill reports

Does your child need a boost in a specific area? 

Do they need some help with their resilience, their emotional intelligence, or developing a positive attitude.

Then purchasing an individual Life Skill Report is the answer. 

21 Day challenges

The world no longer cares about what your kids know, it cares about what they can do with what they know.

Our 21 Day Challenges will help your child to practice and learn Key life skills where it counts: in the real world.

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