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What you are looking for is already in you… You already are everything you are seeking.

― Thich Nhat Hanh

thank you

Thank you so much for purchasing this toolkit. I really hope you enjoy it. 
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how the toolkit works

This process I created to help develop confidence and resilience is essentially a mix of two key elements. One of which you will be familiar with and one you probably won't.
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    Character Strengths
As you will see in the masterclass, I use praise in a VERY different and SPECIFIC way.
And, when used in conjunction with the right character strengths, you have a powerful and effective tool at your disposal. All will be revealed in the masterclass.

the toolkit

In your toolkit you have: 
  • A recorded MASTERCLASS video for you (also in audio + slides format). Watch or listen as many times as you like.
  • A MINI-PROGRAM for your kids (online). This will introduce and explain character strengths (including the 6 Power Strengths of Resilience). Do this before you get them to take the strengths test as it explains everything to them.
  • A 7-DAY CHALLENGE to help you practice PRAISE and help you and your child to familiarise yourselves with the 6 Power Strengths of RESILIENCE.
  • A strengths VOCABULARY SHEET to help familiarise you with the language of the 6 Power Strengths.
  • A link to lots of EXTERNAL RESOURCES on the VIA website to help you develop your child's character strengths even further.

the masterclass

Grab a drink and make yourself comfortable. The masterclass and Q&A section is one hour long. 

Click to play


If you would like to scroll through the slides as you listen, here is a full screen version.

other resources I mentioned

Here is a link to the VIA website where you can take the character strengths evaluation. (I recommend doing the mini-program first. This will introduce character strengths to your kids and help them understand what they are before they take the evaluation.)
The strengths evaluation is free, you just need to register first. The basic report is also free and does the job perfectly. There's no need to buy the full report. Unless you want to.
This is a nice page on the VIA website with loads of great resources for kids and families.

get in touch

If you have any questions about anything to do with the toolkit, character strengths, or parenting issues in general,  please contact me via the Facebook group or get in touch here.

parent by design program

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