RESILIENCE: a Boot Camp for your kids



Just think about your own life for a second...

How well have you coped with the setbacks, challenges and difficulties that life has thrown your way?

How different would your life be, had your parents taught you how to be resilient? 

No one is born resilient, it's something we learn,  this Boot Camp will help you to teach your child this vital skill.

Transform your child with the BOOT CAMP:


What does resilience look like?

Resilient people all share the following key traits:

  • they have belief in their resilience
  • they have a positive outlook
  • they are able to overcome rejection and failure
  • they are self-motivated
  • they are solutions orientated

How the Boot Camp will help your child.

Resilience is not something you pick up from a book, it is something that you learn through experience.

Over the course of 10 online lessons your child will learn and practice the skills required to develop these traits.

Through practice comes competence and through competence comes confidence.

How does the Boot Camp work?


How we teach your child.​​​​

No boring lessons that's for sure (we learned that the hard way after 2 years of homeschool).

We use a combination of activities, games, quizzes and challenges so that learning is fun and your child gets to practice their new skills where it counts: in the real world.


What the lessons are based on.

We've researched proven academic ideas as well as well methods used by people who excel in fields as diverse as education, psychology and sport.

We have distilled this research into a fun 16-week programme.

Why not see for yourself?

Just as resilience can only be learned through experience...
you will only be able to tell if this works for your child by trying it.

Frequently asked questions:

What if my child doesn't like it?

What if my child doesn't like it?

What support is there?

How can I tell that my child is improving?

I have more than one child, can they all do the Boot Camp?

What is your refund policy?

What age of child is it for?

How much work is involved?

I'm not very resilient is that a problem?

My child is difficult to motivate as it is, how can I get them to do this?

Who are you?

How do I access the modules?

What if I miss a week?

Do you have a list of what my child will be learning?

How will I fit this in to my already busy schedule?

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