Resilience: a Boot Camp for your kids

Module 1: Success Zone


You completed your first Module.. well done- have a 'virtual' high-five from us. 

As a reward for completing each module you get access to a special success zone.

Here you will find some fun stuff like jigsaws and games as well as more interesting information to help you learn more about the module you just completed.

You also get a CERTIFICATE which you can print and put on your wall.

our journey

YOU have reached LEVEL 1, the first of 10 steps we are going to take together.

Want to see what else you will be learning?

Complete the JIGSAW and find out!

Click here to complete the JIGSAW...

today you are
going to learn

Did you notice the image we used for the background of the 'today you are going to learn' heading?

Can you guess what it is?

A. It is what happens inside the TV when you turn it on.

A. It is what happens inside your brain when you do something.

videos to watch

Want to learn even more about RESILIENCE?

We have put together some YouTube playlists of interesting videos for you to watch.

The first is a brilliant series (from Sentis) which tells you exactly how your brain works and the second one is a collection of videos about resilience and how important it is.

what did you learn?

Did you know that by putting what you have learned into your own words actually helps you to learn better? This fancy name for this is 'recoding'. So...[h5p id="20"]

critical thinking

Being able to think critically means that you can analyse facts, you will be able to generate (and organise) ideas, defend your opinions, make comparisons, evaluate arguments and solve problems: all essential skills for the modern world. We want to help you to develop your critical thinking so... [h5p id="29"]

your award

Well done on completing your 1st Module, you should be very proud of yourself.

You can collect your award certificate below.

Type your name in, print it off and stick it on your bedroom wall to act as a reminder of the skills you have learned.

Enter your name & print off your award.

you may have already noticed...

... that you feel a bit more resilient than you did before you started. 

That's great news!

And as you practice each day to complete the CHALLENGE, you will notice your RESILIENCE growing and growing and growing.

7 day challenge

Please remember to complete your 7 DAY CHALLENGE.

Practicing what you learn is the most important thing that you can do.

Remember how the neurons work?

Practicing your resilience every day in the real world, is how you end up becoming a RESILIENCE SUPER HERO.