Resilience: a Boot Camp for your kids

Module 2: Time Travel Detective

Parent/ Caregiver notes and tips.


Welcome to your 2nd Module... we hope that you and your child enjoy it.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.

purpose of the module

What your child BELIEVES about themselves and their capabilities is extremely important, in fact, it's a critical component of their future success.

In this module your child will learn how important BELIEF is and most importantly, how to strengthen their belief in their own RESILIENCE.

activity 1:
what to expect

In this activity your child will look for evidence from their past experiences that will help to support their belief in their resilience. 

We ask them to write this evidence down in the 1st person because: 

  • 1
    By doing this your child subconsciously accepts that they are resilient.
  • 2
    We humans like to be consistent, we like to behave in a way that is consistent with what we said and did before. By already accepting that we are resilient, we are more likely to want to behave resiliently in the future.

what to expect

From their past to the future: in the challenge this week your child will think about an upcoming situation that requires them to be resilient.

Mental preparation is a proven way to produce better results: your child will learn how to define the outcome that they want, and then task their brain to find the resources (resilient and otherwise) they need to help them achieve it. 

how you can
really help

The more evidence that your child has, the stronger the belief in their resilience will be.

With that in mind we suggest that you use the RESILIENCE checklist (from Module 1) each week- see below.

Print it off and stick it somewhere visible.

It really works when you remember to ask your child each day if they can tick off a RESILIENT BEHAVIOUR... make sure you praise them for it too. 

We are big believers in the Progress Principle,  when people are aware of their progress and acheivements (no matter how small), they are happier, more motivated and they perform better. 

ready to go?

Ok, that's it.

Without further ado... it's time to start the 2nd module.

Good luck!