Resilience: a Boot Camp for your kids

Module 2: Time Travelling Detective

hello again

Great to see you... welcome back.

How did your 7 DAY CHALLENGE go last week?

Did you manage to complete ONE resilient behaviour each day?

Hopefully you did.

Ok, so last time you learned what RESILIENCE is... next up: BELIEF.

today you are
going to learn

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    What a BELIEF is and how they work.
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    Why what you BELIEVE about yourself is extremely important.
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    How to strengthen your BELIEF in your RESILIENCE.

why what you
is important

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    What you believe about who you are and what you are capable of will help to determine how successful you are in life.
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    Learn how to strengthen your beliefs and you can use this skill to help you achieve the things that you want.
  • 3
    Working on your beliefs helps you to learn to trust yourself, it helps you to be more positive, to look for solutions and to be more confident.

so what is a belief?

A belief is something that you accept is TRUE.

For example, you might believe that football is the best sport, you might believe that you are a great dancer, or that school is fun!

But have you ever thought about WHY you believe something?

how beliefs work:
a real life example

Think of something that you are good at: art, computer games, sport, dancing-anything.

Got something?

OK. Now, here's a question for you:

Why do you believe you are good at it?


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Now take a look at the 3 reasons you have written down.

They are the EVIDENCE that your brain has accepted that supports the belief that you are GOOD at whatever you chose.

that's how beliefs work

So in order for you to BELIEVE something, you have to have  EVIDENCE to support that belief.

Guess what?

The more evidence that you have, the STRONGER your BELIEF.

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your turn...

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Now that you understand how beliefs work and why they are so important, it's time to strengthen YOUR belief in your RESILIENCE...

travel back in time

And the best way to do that?

You are going to FIND some evidence of course!

To do this, you will go back in time and look for three situations from your past where you have already showed how resilient you are

This EVIDENCE will help to support your BELIEF that YOU are a RESILIENT person.


You have collected some powerful evidence to support your BELIEF that you are RESILIENT and now you know:

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    What you BELIEVE is extremely important.
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    You BELIEVE something because you have EVIDENCE.
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    The more evidence that you have, the stronger your BELIEF.

job done!

Great work... that's Module 2 completed, well done!

Good luck with your 7 DAY CHALLENGE and we'll see you in Module 3!

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7 day challenge

You have just gone back in time, it seems only right that you travel into the future too.

Think of something that you’ve got coming up in the next week where being RESILIENT is going to come in useful. 

It might be a test, a project you’ve been putting off, or perhaps you might need repeat something that you failed at before.

Then complete the set of questions on your activity sheet... and GOOD LUCK!