Resilience: a Boot Camp for your kids

Module 4: The Power of Language

Parent/ Caregiver notes and tips.

hello again

Welcome to your 4th Module.

We hope that you and your child enjoy it.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.

purpose of the module

The words that you use are extremely powerful.

Words are the seeds that you plant in your mind and we want to help your child to plant nice positive seeds that grow into beautiful flowers.

In this module we identify naughty words that we use every day and suggest alternatives. We concentrate on one word in particlar: NOT.


Not is one of the naughtiest naughty words.  

We don't like it here in RESILIENCE land because it closes down thinking.

For example, by saying 'I'm not good at this', or 'I can't do this' you are sending instructions to your brain that tell it to stop looking for solutions.

beyond not: yet

Your child will learn one word that will take them beyond NOT: YET.

By saying 'YET' after a 'NOT', your child will tell their brain that there is progress still to be made. It's a word that opens up possibilities and helps to create a GROWTH MINDSET.

Keep an ear out for your child using the word NOT, then shout out YET. Do it every time. Keep doing it until they do it themselves... be a pain, annoy them... they'll thank you for it in years to come.

activity 1:
what to expect

In this activity we ask your child to draw a picture that communicates to their unconscious mind.

When we use naughty words such as NOT, it's just our inner critic trying to protect us from the emotional pain of failure.

Our inner critic lives in our unconscious mind and the picture is a great way to communicate with it.

activity 1:
some tips

Either print off the activity sheet or just use a piece of paper.

Start by asking them to tell you the naughty words that they say and use, either outloud or to themselves. 

However they choose to represent their inner critic is fine- ask them who it is, what they look and sound like.

Make sure that they write down 'thank you', their inner critic is only trying to help.

Then help them choose a positive and empowering phrase they can use.

Stick their finished work somewhere visible, so that their unconscious mind will notice and remember.

what to expect

Page 2 of the activity sheet has a list of the most popular naughty words and some positive alternatives.

Print it off and stick it somewhere visible. Whenever you hear a naughty word, shout out the positive alternative.

See if you can help to create a positive internal language narrative for your child.


Ok, that's it.

Without further ado... it's time to start the 4th module.

Good luck!