Resilience: a Boot Camp for your kids

Module 4: The Power of Language

How did you get on with your 7 DAY CHALLENGE?

The last thing at night question is a really cool way to end your day... make sure that your parent/ caregiver keeps asking you it.

Now to today's lesson, let's see if you can answer this question:

Who do you speak the most to each day?

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today you are
going to learn

Last week you learned how to develop a POSITIVE approach to life.

It's important that the language you use reflects this POSITIVE approach so, today you are going to learn:

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    Why the words that you say are important.
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    The 1 naughty  word to watch out for and what to say instead.
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    How to use your words to be more RESILIENT.

why the words you use are important

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    Your words affect how you THINK. They act as instructions to your brain, and your brain does what you tell it to. 
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    Your words affect how you FEEL. We said '1 naughty word' before, compare that to 'the 1 TERRIBLE word'... feels different doesn't it?
  • 3
    Your words affect what you DO.  By making small changes to what you say, you can improve the results you get.

naughty words are words that

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    close your THINKING to what is possible
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    make you FEEL like you have no choice
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    cause you to DO things that don't produce the results that you want

We all say these words, they key is to recognise when do and then make sure that you are giving your brain a positive message as well. 

the naughty word

The 1 naughty word we are going to focus on today is NOT. As in:

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    I can NOT do this.
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    This does NOT make sense.
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    I do NOT get it.
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    I am NOT good at this.

What to say when you hear yourself say the word NOT.

why do we say naughty words like not

The part of you that says these words is ONLY trying to help you.

We call that part of you your inner critic.

Your inner critic sounds like a bad thing but, they just want to protect you from the negative feelings you get when you don't get the results you want.

Unfortunately, by saying these words, your inner critic helps to create the very thing it was trying to avoid in the first place.

over to you...

In your activity today you are going to draw an image that will speak directly to your inner critic so that the next time you hear them, you can think of this image.

This will help you to recognise your inner critic, thank them for trying to help you and help you to develop a positive inner voice.

your inner critic

Draw a picture of your inner critic, it can be a person you know, an object, shape, animal... anything at all. Whatever image your brain thinks of is perfect.

Give them a name and a voice. 

Write down the words they say (the naughty words you say outloud and to yourself).

Draw you saying something positive to your critic, we like, "Thank you, but I CAN DO THIS", please feel free to choose your own.

print only this week- time to show off your creative skills.


Now you understand why you sometimes use naughty words. 

Naughty words are OK, it's just that there are better words you can use instead.

Words that give your brain positive instructions.

Words that help you to be more RESILIENT

great work
well done!

Excellent work, that is module 4 done... you are really building your RESILIENCE now.

See you in in the next module!

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7 day challenge

Your 7 DAY CHALLENGE this week is to listen out for whenever you say naughty words.

On your activity sheet we have written a list of naughty words and what you could say instead.

How many of the naughty words do you use?

See how you feel when you swap them for the positive alternatives.