Resilience: a Boot Camp for your kids

Module 5: Who is driving your bus? 


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Let's start today with a question for you, please click on one of the answers below.

Question: WHO is driving your bus? 

An alien from outer space.

Me... of course.

My parents/ caregiver.

today you are
going to learn

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    What we mean by 'driving your bus'.
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    How to take control and responsibility for what you do in your life.
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    How to get motivated, without even realising it.

who is driving your bus?

What do we mean by asking... "Who is driving your bus?"?

Well, you probably guessed, we mean that YOU are in control.

YOU are driving YOU. 

YOU are in control of the steering wheel, how fast YOU go (the accelerator), how much petrol YOU put in, when YOU stop, which route YOU follow.

And, YOU are therefore responsible for where YOU end up; your destination.

why this is important

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    When you understand that YOU are driving YOUR bus means that you increase your belief in your ability to be successful.
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    Things happen in life, some things you can't control, and some that you can. Learning how to focus on what you CAN control is what successful people do. 
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    Developing this skill strengthens your locus of control. This means that you will be more motivated.

YOU are in control

Going back to our bus analogy, there are some things YOU CAN control (steering, route, speed, fuel) and some things that you can't (passengers, petrol station frequency, traffic, weather conditions).

However, YOU CAN control what YOU do. For example:

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this works in the
real world

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over to you...

The great thing about CONTROL is YOU get to choose what you do next.

This choice is EXTREMELY powerful.

It means that no matter what happens to you, you are ALWAYS in CONTROL of what you do next.

what happens next?

To show you how this works we have created a number of different scenarios that you could (or maybe have already) found yourself in.

In each scenario, you get to CHOOSE what you do next.


You have learned a powerful lesson today.

It is one that ALL successful people know and use.


YOU are driving YOUR bus.

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Excellent work, that is module 5 finito!

Click which one of the below is correct. After completing this lesson I feel...

... MORE in CONTROL of ME.

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7 day challenge

Your 7 DAY CHALLENGE this week is begin to take CONTROL over areas of your life.

You may not be aware, but this will help you in a number of ways.

You will feel more competent, confident and more motivated... which is nice.

See how many of the decisions on your activity sheet you can take in the next 7 days.

Good luck!