Resilience: a Boot Camp for your kids

Module 6: How to FAIL... successfully.

Parent/ Caregiver notes and tips.

hello again

Welcome to Module numero 6.

This on is a lot of fun, we hope that you and your child enjoy it.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.

purpose of the module

Without FAILURE there is no progress, if you want your child to be successful in life, they are going to have to become good at FAILING.

Which is tricky, the fear of failure can be crippling, it is one of the main reasons why people don't achieve their goals.

So, your children will learn to see failure as a valuable learning tool and we will help them to deal with some of the negative emotions associated with FAILURE.

why we hate failure

Not sure about you but there are many choices I made (and didn't make) in my life through a fear of failing. However, it's not failing that's the problem, it's something much more primal than that, it's the fear of not being ‘good enough’

This fear attacks a fundamental core of our being, if we are not ‘good enough’ as a person, what does that mean for who we are and our place in the world?

Bizarrely this fear can result in self-sabotaging behaviour where you end up not even trying or going for stuff.  You don't try because if you do try and still fail, well you really aren't good enough... and if you didn't try- then you didn't really fail. 

activity 1:
what to expect

The activity and the challenge are one this week. But, before this, we do talk about what your child can do when things don't go according to plan.

The great news is, your child already knows it... it's the 12method from Module 3.

This is a great opportunity to remind them how to use it.

If you didn't print off the reminder before you can do it now- stick it on your fridge!

what to expect

This is designed to be a fun exercise.

We have created a list of 9 slightly crazy things for your child to do.

The idea is that they feel the FEAR and do it anyway.

If they can do these things and cope with the shame and embarrassment, then subconsciously they will prepared for when failure hits.

They will also have a conscious reminder so that they can feel motivated when needed.

further help

In our research we learned a couple of great things, one which we recommend that you do is to re-frame failure entirely, make it something to celebrate.

If your child is trying their best and failing, congratulate them. Help them by using the 123 process with them.

On the other side of this lies a successful adult, with your help they can get there.


Ok, that's it.

It's time to start the 6th module.

Good luck and keep on FAILING!