Resilience: a Boot Camp for your kids

Module 7: Because you're worth it.

great to see

We've got a question for you to start off with today.

Let's imagine that your best friend is having a bad time, maybe they've done something wrong, made a mistake, or failed an exam... what would you do? (click your answer)

A. Criticise them and call them names.

B. Offer them support and help.

same question... but now it's about YOU!

Let's imagine that YOU are having a bad time, maybe YOU'VE done something wrong, made a mistake, or failed an exam... what do you normally do? (click your honest answer)

A. Criticise yourself and call yourself names.

B. Offer yourself support and help.

Isn't being KIND (option B) to yourself much nicer? And yet, we often choose option A. We will come why we do this in a moment, but first...

today you are
going to learn

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    How BEING KIND TO YOURSELF actually helps you to be more confident, more motivated, and more resilient.
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    A nice way for you to learn how to be more KIND to yourself.
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    How to train your brain to be more KIND to you and to recognise that 'YOU ARE WORTH IT'.

why being kind to yourself is important

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    Think about it this way, an average lifespan is around 2,500,000,000 seconds (2.5 billion), that's a LOT of seconds. What sort of friend do you want to be to yourself for ALL of that time?
  • 2
    Being KIND to yourself helps you to build a genuine inner confidence. You know you aren't perfect so you are willing and open to change. This helps you to GROW as a person.
  • 3
    Being kind to yourself means healthier and better relationships with yourself (very important), your friends and family.

why are we a bad friend to ourselves sometimes?

It sounds crazy doesn't it, but often we are a better friend to our friends than we are to ourselves.

Have you ever thought about why?

Remember your inner critic from Module 4?

Well it's them at work again, and they are doing this because:

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    they are trying to protect us- to keep us safe​​​​
  • 2
    they are trying to motivate us

However, just because they are trying to help, doesn't mean that there isn't a better way to help. We are going to show you a better way in this module.

being kind to yourself

The fancy word for being KIND to yourself is self-compassion.

You are being self-compassionate when:

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    you understand that you are NOT your behaviour: e.g. there's a huge difference between making a BAD decision and being a BAD person.
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    you can recognise and accept your flaws- you LOVE yourself for who YOU are-none of us is perfect, so don't expect yourself to be perfect.
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    you don't judge and criticise yourself when things go wrong, instead you accept what happened and take a balanced approach to move forward.

over to you...

Does all that make sense?

So how can we help you to be more self-compassionate?

We have a great exercise for you, one where you are going to write a letter to your PAST  self. 

We will tell you why, after the exercise.

because you are
worth it

Download/print the activity sheet and use the slider below to help you write your letter.

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Actually we played a tiny trick... this letter is not for your PAST you, it's for you NOW.

Read it again.

It should read like you giving you the best self-compassionate advice ever... because it comes from YOU and your experiences.

Put it somewhere you can see it.

Read it when you aren't feeling great, when you hear your inner critic, or read it every morning to give yourself a self-compassion BOOST!

great work

Excellent work, that is module 7 finito.

Only 3 more to go before you reach RESILIENT Superhero Status...

See you in in the next module!

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7 day challenge

Your 7 DAY CHALLENGE this week is another last thing at night question:

Every night for the next 7 nights just before bed, your parent/ caregiver will ask you:

What do you feel grateful for about yourself today?ts.

Then either say it outloud, or make a note on your activity sheet.

Notice how great this makes you feel.

It's like giving yourself a warm hug just before you sleep! Zzzzzzzzzz