Resilience: a Boot Camp for your kids

Module List:

Module 1

Awareness of Resilience

What is Resilience? Why is it important? We help your child understand what resilience is and why it is important.

Module 2

Develop Self-Belief

What you believe you become. As a time travelling detective your child hunts for evidence of their own Resilience.

Module 3


Is the glass half-full or half-empty? Both views are useful and we show your child how to use positivity as and when it's needed.

Module 4

The Power of Language

How to eliminate negative language and replace it with a transformational vocabulary and positive self-talk.

Module 5

Control and Responsibility

Your child will learn to focus ONLY on what they can control and learn the self-motivational secrets of the US Marines! 

Module 6


Your child will learn why failure is an essential part of their growth and how it can be a fantastic tool- if you do it right.

Module 7

Because You're Worth It

Self-compassion is more important than self-esteem, it helps you move on from failure & develop genuine confidence.

Module 8

Emotions and Resilience

Neuroscience now tells us that a rich emotional vocabulary equips the brain with better tools to deal with life's challenges.

Module 9

Identity and Values

Your child will learn to identify themselves as a resilient person and learn what's important to them about being Resilient.

Module 10

A Secret Technique

Your child wil learn a secret technique that will allow them to access their powers of resilience whenever they need to!

Module 11

Review and Progress

Both you and your child will take time to reflect on the journey your child has made and their progress towards being RESILIENT.

Future Modules...

Future Research

Any new modules we create we will send them to you so you can keep helping your child to develop their resilience.

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