Resilience Boot Camp

Module 1: What is Resilience?


Thank you very much for joining our very special RESILIENCE BOOT CAMP.

You are here because someone (probably the adult sitting with you now), knows just how important it is that you learn to be RESILIENT.

And if you aren't quite sure what that means (yet)... don't worry, because that's exactly what this module is all about.

our journey

We have created 10 fun modules so you can learn and practice the key elements of being RESILIENT. 

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today you are
going to learn

This module is all about AWARENESS of RESILIENCE and today you will:

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    Learn what RESILIENCE is and why it is so important.
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    Test your knowledge by completing a fun QUIZ.
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    Practice your RESILIENCE by completing a 7 DAY CHALLENGE.

why resilience is important

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    Your life will be full of challenges... some easy and some difficult. Learn how to be RESILIENT and you will have the tools you need to be able to deal with these challenges successfully.
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    Research now tells us that how RESILIENT you are is at least as important as your grades.  That's not to say that grades aren't important (they are), it just shows you how important resilience is.
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    If you want to do well at school, be an, artist,  doctor, lawyer, dancer, builder, sports star... or any job at all, you are much more likely to be successful if you learn to be RESILIENT.

what is resilience?

By now you are most probably thinking, 'what is resilience?'.

Here's a little video we made to explain. 

Pay attention as we have a quiz to test your knowledge later!

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your turn...

Now you have an idea as to what RESILIENCE is and what being RESILIENT looks like.

You also know that being RESILIENT is an important part of being successful in life- whatever you choose to do.

So, now it's time to get to find out a bit more about how RESILIENCE works in the real world, you are going to do that by...

activity 1:
ask your parent/ caregiver

You are going to ask your parent or caregiver about their experiences. 

They believe that RESILIENCE is important... but do you know WHY they believe that?

To find out, you are going to ask them about a successful, and an unsuccessful resilience experience they had in their life... you can learn a lot from both types of experience.

Your activity sheet has a list of questions and there's space to write down what they say.

If you decide to take the digital route, please remember, once your child has finished typing- to press PRINT and then SAVE AS PDF.

activity 2:
quiz time

Right, we hope that you have been paying attention!

When you are ready, please take our RESILIENCE quiz (opens another tab).

Which RANK will you achieve?


Good Luck!!! When you have finished, come back here to finish the MODULE.


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    Now you know and understand what RESILIENCE is and why it is important.
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    RESILIENCE is not something you are just born with, nor is it something that you have or don't have.
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    RESILIENCE is a skill, an attitude, and a way of thinking and these are all something that you can LEARN, PRACTICE and IMPROVE.

module completed

Now, you may begin to notice that you already feel a bit more resilient than you did before you started. 

Remember to complete the 7 DAY CHALLENGE, and we will see you in Module 2.

Collect your award below... well done, you deserve it!

Enter your name & print off your award.

7 day challenge

Each week we have a  7 DAY CHALLENGE for you to complete.

To get really good at anything it's important that you take what you learn and practice, practice, practice in your life.

The final page of your activity worksheet has your 7 DAY CHALLENGE activity.

Your challenge is to try and perform just ONE resilient behaviour a day for the next 7 days... that's it!

This is your chance to practice what you have learned... good luck!