resilience: free goodies

Resilience is the most significant predictor of a successful and happy life for your child.

These resources will help you to teach your kids how to be RESILIENT.

what you get in this pack


Here are 14 ways that we  develop RESILIENCE in our kids.


"The first step towards change is awareness." This fun activity will help your child understand what resilience and help them practice it where it counts: the real world.


Decisions help your child to develop an internal locus of control- the key to self-motivation. This checklist will help your child to make decisions in different areas in their life.


One of the most important weapons in our parental armoury. This guide will show you exactly how we praise and what we praise our kids for. Great for building confidence.

start the day

How you start the day is important. We like to do a silly/ fun activity before we leave the house to start that upward spiral of positive emotion. Parents have to join in too!

end the day

Helping your child to frame each day as a positive learning experience is a lovely thing to do. This activity helps build positivity, perspective and resilience. A lovely way to fall asleep.

mini course

If your resilience could do with a boost, then this is just the thing for you. An online mini-course to help you identify and work on what you think is most important about resilience.

what next?

If you would like your child to develop this vital life skill check out our full RESILIENCE pack.

50+ digital pages of fun and engaging activitieschallenges, and games, that will teach your child to be resilient.

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