activity 2

why is resilience important?


why is resilience important?

We now know what RESILIENCE is, but why is RESILIENCE important?

Who better to ask than your parent or caregiver?

There are some questions on page 5 of your RESILIENCE ACTIVITY WORKBOOK for you to ask them.

Remember to write down their answers for your records.

parents/ caregivers click here first

what about you?

You didn't think we were going to leave YOU out, did you?

On page 6 of your RESILIENCE ACTIVITY WORKBOOK we have some questions for you too.

Let's find out WHY resilience is important to you, shall we?

quiz time

You have done quite a bit of work on RESILIENCE already, so let's see how much you remember shall we?

It's just a bit of fun, be we have a RESILIENCE QUIZ for you to take.