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Mahatma Gandhi lived quite an extraordinary life. He might not be an obvious choice for our secret identity series, but we chose him because for us, he embodies a very powerful RESILIENCE concept, namely: YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF WHAT YOU DO NEXT. 


5 cool and resilient facts about Gandhi's life story

  • 1
    Gandhi was a courageous, outspoken leader, but he wasn't born that way. In fact, as a boy, he was so shy that he would run home from school because he didn't want to talk to anybody.
  • 2
    He arrived in London in 1888 to study law and made an effort to overcome his shyness by joining a public speaking practice group.
  • 3
    When he returned to India he set up a law practice, however despite his efforts in London he soon stopped practicing law as he was unable to cross-examine witnesses, or speak at court- his knees and hands would tremble.
  • 4
    He eventually overcame his shyness and became a powerful voice for peace in a very volatile time in India's history, and although he is famous for fighting for Indian independence, his other causes included civil rights for women, the abolition of the caste system, and the fair treatment of all people regardless of religion.
  • 5
    Although he was the most recognisable symbol of non-violence in the 20th century, Gandhi never received the Nobel Prize, although he was nominated 5 times.

Gandhi as a student in London.

activity 1

We chose Gandhi because for us his RESILIENCE story is about CHOICE and CONTROL..

Very often things won't go the way that you want them to however, it's important to remember that YOU always have the CHOICE about what you do next.

Ghandi couldn't CONTROL what would happen, or how people would react to what he did... all he could do was CONTROL what he did next.

Your 1ST ACTIVITY is to decide which of the things below you can CONTROL and which you can't. 

Drag each statement and drop it onto the correct side.

activity 2

The great thing about CONTROL is YOU get to CHOOSE what you do next.

This is EXTREMELY powerful.

It means that no matter what happens to you, you are ALWAYS in CONTROL of what you do next.

To show you how this works we have created a number of different scenarios that you could (or maybe have already) found yourself in.

So download your activity sheet and choose what you COULD do next in each of the different scenarios.

Please choose the online or print version below.

Once you have completed ACTIVITY 2 come back to this page and we'll get you ready for your next activity.

If you to choose the online version and you want to keep your work, please remember to press PRINT and then SAVE AS PDF once you have finished.

activity 3

Another thing we liked about Gandhi's life story is that he CHOSE to work on his weakness.

Remember how he was too shy to speak at school, well he decided to work on this by taking a public speaking course when he got to London.

You know what's coming next don't you?

Choose a skill that you would like to get better at... it doesn't matter what it is just choose one, and then go to ACTIVITY 3 on your sheet.

Once you have finished come vack to this page for your fun and games.

lesson complete: some fun Activities for you

That's it, well done!

If you like to colour in, then the 2nd page of the activity sheet is for you.

We've also got some cool RESILIENCE and YOU CHOOSE related activities for you to enjoy below- have fun!

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